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No. 1 of houseworks, useful products, and services supported by working moms and dads nationwide will be decided | Children's Ribing Co., Ltd.

In the information magazine “Gyutte” that supports the nursery school life of parents and children (published by Kodomo Living Co., Ltd. / Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kazuhiro Nakajima), housework and The “Gyutte Best Supporter Grand Prize” is held to determine products and services that support child-rearing by voting by working mothers and fathers with children aged 0 to 6 years old. We are pleased to announce that the award-winning products and services in each category (Easy Cooking / Cleaning and Laundry Help / Happy Parenting / Subsuku) have been decided. 1. Easy cooking category

[Gold Award] 358 points Waterless Automatic Cooking Pot Helsio Hot Cook KN-HW24 [Sharp] * Currently selling a new model (KN-HW24G)

Even though you should be cutting corners, you can make delicious and nutritious rice! I can't imagine life without a hot cook in our house anymore. [Silver Award] 287 points Dishwasher/Dryer NP-TZ300 [Panasonic]

I was relieved from the stress of washing the dishes quietly after putting my child to sleep! It is correct to buy it without rough hands.

[Bronze Award] 258 Point Tube Seasoning (Kizami Series) [SB Foods]

A series that you want to use a little. I am saved because I can use it without a knife or cutting board. And it's delicious!

2. Cleaning/laundry help section

[Gold Award] 353 Point Robot Vacuum Cleaner Roomba i3+ [iRobot]

A must-have for a double-income family. It collects the accumulated garbage, so you can solve the troublesome garbage disposal problem and make it stress-free!

[Silver Award] 257 Points Look Plus Bathtub Cleansing Silver Ion Plus [Lion] Cleaning the bathroom has become easier since I started using this, and I am grateful that I can do it in between housework. increase.

[Bronze Award] 236 points Dyson V12Detect Slim series [Dyson]

It's slim so you don't have to worry about where to put it. It's easy to use, and the fact that "hair doesn't get tangled" makes me want to clean it.

3. Parenting Happy Division

[Gold Award] 351 Point Happy Set (Enhanced Side Menu) [McDonald's Japan]

Supported by working moms and dads nationwide The No. 1 useful product/service for housework and child-rearing has been decided | Kodomo Ribing Co., Ltd.'s press release

Now that I can choose the side menu, I enjoy ordering every time. As the name suggests, it's a "happy set" that makes everyone smile when they eat it.

[Silver Award] 266 points Gut Croom EXBE-ELFE032A [Panasonic Cycle Tech] *Currently selling a new model (BE-ELFE033)

Being able to unlock with a single button even when both hands are occupied saves the trouble of taking out the key and keeping an eye on the child. [Bronze Award] 250 points mobile order [McDonald's Japan]

I can't go back to the old days (laughs). It's really helpful because you can choose at the seat with your child, order as it is, and bring it to the seat.

4. Subscription Division

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[Gold Award] 522 points Amazon Prime [Amazon]

Diapers, which are bulky and difficult to bring home, are saved by free shipping. I also like movies, so I'm happy to have a lot of Western movies on my commute.

[Silver] 224 points Disney+ [Walt Disney Japan]

With a wide variety of videos, both adults and children will not get bored. I download my favorites and make full use of them when I go out.

[Bronze Award] 159 points Netflix [Netflix]

Children watch a lot of anime, parents watch a lot of Korean dramas, and the happiness that can be obtained for this amount of money is great (laughs).

[How to announce the results] Gyutte New Year's E-book (published on December 7) Click here * Metropolitan area version P15-P17 index_h5.html#15■Gyutte Web★Comments from award winners and behind-the-scenes interviews with developers from each company are now available on Gyutte Web! [Cooking Easy Category] [Gold Prize] Sharp / “Helsio Hot Cook” Techniques Asked by In-house Mom [Silver Prize] Panasonic / Secret of the latest “dishwasher dryer” https://gyutte .jp/320291 [Bronze Award] SB Foods / Approaching the secret story behind the development of the “tube seasoning “Kizami” series”! [Cleaning and Laundry Help Category] [Gold Award] Irobot / The thoughts put into the “Rumba i3+” that wants to change the concept of cleaning [Silver Award] Lion / The secret story behind the development of “bath detergent” that sells one every 0.72 seconds [Bronze Award] Dyson / “Dyson V12 Detect Slim Series” that satisfies the “feeling of doing” cleaning https :// [Child-raising Happy Category] [Gold Award] McDonald's Japan / Here are the points of the "Happy Set" renewal! [Silver Award] Panasonic Cycle Tech / The secret story behind the birth of “Gyut Croom EX”, which created a new common sense in the industry [Bronze Award] McDonald's Japan / What happened to McDonald's A big revolution! Secret of "Mobile Order" Development [Subscription Category] [Gold Award] Amazon / Not only free shipping and Prime Video! How to use “Amazon Prime” [Silver Award] Walt Disney Japan / Recommended works for Christmas by mama employees [Bronze Award] Netflix / Why Are Netflix Originals Interesting? I heard the secret of the production * Reference information Of the products and services released/announced (started) between May 2020 and May 2021 , which satisfies any of the following: (1) There are ways to reduce the time spent on housework and create more family time (2) It makes moms and dads with small children feel more comfortable. Even if the product was released or announced before the period, it may be eligible if it is a remarkable hit during the period. ②Primary voting by Gyutte club members and official Instagrammers ③Examination by Gyutte bloggers representing working moms and dads and the editorial department ④Final general voting (September 14-30, working moms with children aged 0-6)・ Web voting for dads) * 716 valid responses, 2103 votes in total. Vote for the top 2 products that you liked or would like to use. The first vote is worth 2 points, and the second vote is worth 1 point.★"Gyutte" is a free magazine that supports the feelings of dual-income families. With the approval and cooperation of councils, organizations, and governments, including the National Federation of Private Nursery Schools, we distribute approximately 350,000 copies once a month (depending on the region) to nursery schools in the Tokyo, Kansai, and Tokai areas. With the motto of gaining the trust of nursery schools, kindergarten children and their parents through our unique editorial policy, we are developing special features and serials that are close to the feelings of working moms and dads, such as balancing work and childcare and shortening working hours.

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