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If I use a dishwasher who is serious about water work and is not good at work ...I can no longer return to a life without a dishwasher | Gizmode Japan Facebook Twitter YouTube RSS Machi-Ya Facebook Twitter YouTube Gizmodo FUZE

Suddenly Nakagawa is not good at water work.Allergy and sensitive skin, using dishwashing detergent causes rough skin and thinning nails.Because treatment and care are indispensable, I asked a maid overseas.

However, my father, who lives, is in charge of water work because it is not possible to call for housekeeping in Japan only for washing.I'm not good at water work so thoroughly.

My father says, "I don't mind washing dishes because I have strong skin," but if you feel not good, you will be burdened, and if possible, you want the whole family to release the whole family from the housework itself.

Where I thought so, there was a thankful offer saying, "Do you not review a dishwasher?"

That's why Shiroka's "2-way dishwasher SS-M151" came to my home.Will my home be released from the spell of dishwashing?

Whether it will be released from dishwashing depends on the device

I thought that if you use a dishwasher -compatible tableware, put it on before putting it in a dishwasher, and make it easier to remove dirt, you will be released from the dishwashing with a high probability.

In the case of my home, many dishes were compatible with non -dishwashers, and large cooking utensils such as hot pots and boards did not enter the stationary dishwasher, so they are not completely released.I think that it was still released from 80 % of the dishwashes.

By the way, the dishwasher -compatible dishes are not limited to Shiroka's products.

Crystal glass, cut glass, lacquer coating, and silver fooders are useless because there is a risk of discoloration.Wooden dishes and tin products are no good.Iron and fluorine -processed frying pans are also useless.

In my home, there are many crystal products, lacquered, and gold decorations gathered by dish -loving grandmothers.In addition, since I lived in Malaysia, I use specialty tin products.In other words, many tableware in my home applies to "unwashed things."However, it is okay if you avoid such tableware.

Considering the amount of the dishes, if you can't get into it, divide it into two times.

The dishwasher I borrowed is to get up to 16 points, but the 16 points include cutlery.It is almost impossible to clean the dishes after a family of four after eating 3 vegetables.So, I came to think about tableware used when thinking about menus.

Also, if the amount of dishes was large and could not be washed at once, the course was used properly.There are three cleaning courses in the dishwasher I used.

Even if the number of dishes is large, please put the amount that you did not enter while washing in the "standard", and after the first time, wash the amount with "hurry" and wash the dinner for the dinner on that day. finish.

水仕事が本気で苦手な私が食洗機を使ってみたら…。もう食洗機がない生活には戻れなくなった | ギズモード・ジャパン facebook Twitter Youtube RSS machi-ya machi-ya Facebook Twitter YouTube GIZMODO FUZE

What are the benefits of using a dishwasher?

▪️ I'm not good at washing dishes

Most of the dishwashers are responsible for the dishwasher, so I don't have to touch the detergent for a long time, and my fears of my weakness in water work and the fear of rough hands have been reduced.Pot and delicate tableware can be washed with a sponge and tashies with patterns, so I am now the main dish wash person.

▪️It makes it easier to keep the kitchen neatly

As soon as the tableware gets dirty, put it in the dishwasher, and if it accumulates to some extent, just press the button, making it easier to keep the sink neatly.Even if there is a tableware that you have to wash by hand, it is only a small amount, so you will feel like "should I wash it?"The motivation for dishwashing has changed dramatically.

▪️ It becomes more beautiful than hand -washing

About a week after I started using the dishwasher, I realized that the coffee dirt in the mug was no longer clean.Without my heart, the mug is more crisp than usual.

This seems to be something that my father realized, and I was impressed by the two, saying, "It's better than hand washing!"Until then, I was conscious of saying, "The dishwasher is convenient, but I can't do it without it."

What are the disadvantages you felt?

First, the dishwasher is big.Leaving it in the kitchen has a sense of intimidation.

My home is an old house with 50 years old, and the kitchen is large, but it is not a kitchen that assumes a dishwasher.For this reason, there is no outlet plug near the installation location, and when the drainage basket is placed, the flow line deteriorates.

Some dishes could not be washed with a dishwasher, so it could not be removed from the drainage basket that had been used so far, and it was not possible to "reduce one if one numbered" was the rule of discarding.Instead of the size, there were many dishes that could not be washed in my home, and the gap was that the gap was, and at the beginning it was like "Do you want to buy a dishwasher ..."?

As I used it, this feeling was overturned, but I felt that the whole kitchen felt very narrow.

But I can't return to life without a dishwasher anymore

While writing the disadvantages, the conclusion is that you can't return to life without a dishwasher.

The risk of rough hands was reduced, and the burden on the elderly father was reduced.If you master how to use it, the tableware will be cleaner than to wash your hands, and according to the product description, you should be able to save water than to wash it.

The mental burden is different between the fact that there is still a housework that you need to do when you are full after a meal, and it is a good thing, except that the dishwasher is a little large.

If I tried Shiroka's "2-way dishwasher SS-M151", it is possible to purchase the separation faucet later and use it as a tank type and use it immediately.With this alone, the hurdle of the introduction of a dishwasher has dropped, and when I returned the sample, I wanted to click immediately.

シロカ 2WAY食器洗い乾燥機 [食洗機/工事不要/除菌率99.9%/分岐水栓可/タイマー6段階設定] SS-M151 シルバー

45,550 yen

Source: Shiroka

Photo: Machiko Nakagawa

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