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How do you deal with lack of storage with built -in Android smartphones that can't use "microSD"?[April 2021 version]

 A smartphone that is actually divided into "iPhone" and "Android smartphone".Compared to the world, it is said that the iPhone share is higher in Japan, but the price of smartphones is rising, and the share of Android smartphones is also increasing in Japan.

 One of the advantages of Android smartphones on the iPhone is the expansion of storage (data storage area) using microSD memory cards.However, there are some models that do not support MicroSD, including the "Pixel series" developed by Google, which leads the Android OS.What should I do if the storage capacity is insufficient for such a model?

 This article introduces "insufficient storage capacity" measures in Android smartphones that do not support Microsd.It is helpful for models that can be equipped with microSD, so we would appreciate it if you could read it.


The first thing I want to consider is "cloud storage"

 The content of the data that presses the storage is different for each person, but I think that many people have photos, videos, and music data.

 Of these, if you add a habit of backing up (online) storage on the cloud (online) storage with your smartphone, you can save the backed up by deleting the backed up from the main unit.Even if you delete it from the main unit, you can download and play it via the Internet when necessary.Another advantage is that it is easy to share data with other smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

 Data communication occurs when uploading data to cloud storage or downloading from cloud storage.Some people may say "I'm worried about the communication amount ...", but if you set it to upload only when connected to Wi-Fi (wireless LAN), you can save the communication amount.

 If you have a contract with an unlimited plan of a major carrier, you can ensure high convenience by setting it to automatically upload even during mobile (mobile phone) data communication.However, be aware that this setting makes battery consumption intense.


Main cloud storage service

 I think some people say, "What cloud storage is there?"Therefore, I will introduce the main services that can be used on Android smartphones.


 A cloud storage / album service provided by Google.Anyone can use it if you have a Google account (Gmail account).The Android smartphone is also the easiest to use for Android users because the required apps are pre -installed in principle.

 The storage capacity is the same as Gmail ( * 1) and can be used for free up to 15GB.Photos and videos are in principle saved in Google Photos.If you set the "Save with high image quality", you can save the data capacity while maintaining the image quality of the original photo / video as much as possible (if you save it in the original image quality, you can save the original data).

( * 1) The photos / videos uploaded in the “Save in high quality” settings by May 31, 2021 will not be counted into the capacity.Photos / videos uploaded in the Pixel series smartphone with "Save in high quality" settings will not be counted in capacity after June 1, 2021.

 If the capacity of 15GB is not enough, you can increase the capacity by contracting the paid "Google One".You can pay the annual amount (excluding some capacity) or monthly by the payment method registered in "Google Pay".

「microSD」が使えないAndroidスマホ 内蔵ストレージ不足にどう対処する?【2021年4月版】

 The capacity lineup and price (including tax) of Google One are as follows.

 Android 7.In the case of a smartphone equipped with 1 or later (excluding a part), if you enable "Smart Storage" from the terminal setting, you can automatically delete the photos / video data backed up in Google Photos after a certain period of time.increase.

Googleフォトでは、写真/動画の画質を極力保持しつつデータ容量を削減する機能も備えていますAndroid 7.1以降を搭載するスマホなら、Googleフォトにアップロードした写真/動画を一定期間経過後に自動削除する「スマートストレージ」設定も可能です


 It is a pioneer in cloud storage services, and is characterized by relatively high -speed data uploading / downloading.It is also attractive that files that have been accidentally deleted or overwritten are "restored".

 The storage capacity that can be used for free is 2GB, but if you invite the user, you will get 1GB of capacity per person.If you want to automatically upload your smartphone photo / video in a free service, you need to install a desktop app on your computer.

 If you have enough capacity or use a photo / video upload without using a personal computer, you need to sign up for the paid plan "Dropbox Plus" or "Dropbox Family".In both plans, if you sign a contract, you will be able to use 2TB (2000GB) storage capacity, and you will be able to use "smart sink" (settings that download and use data only when necessary) on your computer.In the case of the Family plan, up to 6 users can share storage capacity.

 Dropbox Plus / Family can be contracted on a monthly basis or annual.The fees (tax included) when contracting on the Dropbox website are as follows.

 The monthly payment of Dropbox Plus also supports Google Play / App Store's "in -app billing", so depending on your career, you can pay together as a mobile phone fee.However, the price may differ from the case where you sign up directly on the Dropbox website.

 In addition, the source nexten will provide a "3 -year version" (36 months license).If you use it for 3 years, you can consider it because it is better than paying the annual plan three times.

Android版DropboxアプリDropbox Plus(3年ライセンス)の詳細をチェック!


 Microsoft's cloud storage service features a high affinity with Windows.

 The storage capacity that can be used for free is 5GB.If the capacity is not enough, you must sign up for the paid "OneDrive Standalone" or "Microsoft 365 Personal".

 The former is an option to add only OneDrive capacity, and can add 100GB capacity for 224 yen per month (including tax).The latter can add 1TB capacity for 1284 yen (tax included) or 12,984 yen per year (including tax), and also includes the right to use PC / smartphone / tablet apps included in "Microsoft Office 365".Both are supported by Google Play / App Store -in -app -in -app, so depending on your career, you can pay together as a mobile phone fee (Microsoft 365 Personal is only monthly).However, the price may differ from the case where you sign up directly on the Microsoft website.

 People who use the apps contained in Microsoft Office on a personal computer are attractive because they can be used as "cloud storage that can be used without additional charges".


Some use USB storage

 If you value convenience, cloud storage is definitely the best option.

 However, cloud storage exchanges data via the Internet, so if communication failure occurs, data may not be obtained immediately.This problem can be resolved to some extent by using "offline files" (functions that hold data on the smartphone side), but can squeeze the storage capacity of the smartphone.Some people say, "It's a private photo on the net ..."

 If it is difficult to use cloud storage, you can use "USB storage" such as USB memory and USB HDD / SSD.However, some Android smartphones (especially entry models with USB terminals with a "Micro-B" shape) may not support USB storage connection, so check if they support the "USB host function".please.

NTTドコモは、自社が発売するAndroidスマホについてUSBホスト機能の有無を明記しています。ちなみに、USB Type-C端子を備えるAndroidスマホはおおむねUSBホスト機能に対応しています(出典:Galaxy S21 SC-51Bのスペック表)

What USB storage is recommended?

 There are various types of USB storage.Considering power consumption, we recommend using a USB memory or USB card reader on your smartphone.In the case of HDD or SSD, additional power supply may be required in some form ( * 2).

 The file system (format format) of the OS corresponding to Android OS is "FAT16" and "FAT32" ( * 3).A USB storage that is initialized in these formats can be used without re -formatting.However, unlike the Windows PC, please note that it is necessary to operate the "unmount" operation when removing.

( * 2) Supply the power to HDD / SSD or connect through a self -power (having a power supply) type USB hub.Please note that if you connect a USB storage via a USB hub, there are some smartphones that cannot be recognized correctly ( * 3) "EXFAT" may be used for some models.EXFAT support in Android OS is optional, so please contact the manufacturer for the response status.There is a Filer app that has the function of reading and writing the storage of the EXFAT format directly, but this time I will omit the explanation.



 USB memory is particularly high in USB storage, and is attractive that it can be purchased at convenience stores and discount stores.The USB terminal of the smartphone is USB 3.If it supports 0 or higher standards, USB memory is also USB 3..If you prepare something that corresponds to 0 or more standards, you can read and write data faster.

 If the connector of the USB memory is "Type-A", a "conversion (host) adapter" tailored to the smartphone side terminal is required.USB 3.If you can fully draw the performance of USB memory that complies with the standard of 0 or higher, the conversion adapter is also USB 3..Please prepare something corresponding to the standard of 0 or higher.If the connector is "Type-C", it can be "directly connected" into a smartphone with a USB Type-C terminal.


 If you want to exchange data with another Android smartphone with a microSD slot, it is convenient to prepare a MicroSD memory card and a USB -connected memory card reader as a set.If you set a microSD memory card to a microSD reader and connect to the USB terminal of the Android smartphone, it can be used in the same way as USB memory.

 As mentioned earlier, with Android smartphones, the correspondence to the EXFAT format is optional, and some models cannot recognize MicroSDXC memory cards (microSD memory cards with more than 32GB capacity).If you value compatibility, use a microSD memory card with a microSD standard or a microSDHC standard (8GB to 32GB capacity).


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