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Hometown tax payment, discerning tableware / cutlery return goods ranking [2022] | Hedge Guide for hometown tax payment / ranking

Hometown tax payment, discerning tableware / cutlery return goods ranking [2022] | Hedge Guide for hometown tax payment / ranking

In hometown tax payment, local governments are also specially prepared as return items.The lineup varies from traditional crafts such as pottery to hand -carved wooden dishes.

In this article, we will introduce the tableware returned goods that can be obtained by hometown tax payment in a ranking format.


  1. ふるさと納税ではどんな食器が用意されているのか
  2. 食器を返礼品としてもらう際の注意点2-1.Check the annual deduction limit in advance2-2.Be careful when handling at the time of receipt2-3.Check the scheduled shipping date2-4.Don't forget to check the precautions
  3. Hometown tax payment, discerning tableware return goods ranking
  4. summary

1.What tableware is prepared for hometown tax payment

On the hometown tax payment portal site "Satofuru", you can get the following tableware as return items.

As of January 2022, the number is 6014.The donation amount is at least 2,000 yen, and the tableware seems to be a category that can be easily donated by hometown tax payment beginners.

There are a wide variety of tableware returned goods, so you may want to choose it for everyday use, for visitors, etc.Tableware is also popular as a gift, so please consider it as a hometown tax payment item.

2.Precautions when you get tableware as a return item

When donating to tableware returned goods with hometown tax payment, be careful of the following four.

2-1.Check the annual deduction limit in advance

The first thing to note is the one -year deduction limit.In the hometown tax payment system, the upper limit of tax deduction is determined by taxpayer's annual income and family structure.

Please note that the amount exceeding the upper limit will be deducted and will be borne by yourself.

If you want to use your hometown tax payments regularly in the future, check out how much the deduction limit is a year.

On the "Satofuru" website, you can simulate the upper limit, so please use it before donation.

See: Deduction upper limit (limit amount) Simulation top | Hometown tax payment site "Satofuru"

ふるさと納税、こだわりの食器・カトラリーの返礼品ランキング【2022年】 | ふるさと納税の比較・ランキングならHEDGE GUIDE

2-2.Be careful when handling at the time of receipt

There are many cracks in tableware returned goods.The shipping source is packed firmly, but if you drop it or handle it roughly, it may break, so be careful when receiving a broken item.

2-3.Check the scheduled shipping date

For hometown tax payment, the scheduled shipping date differs for each local government.For example, it is not unusual for hand -made tableware to be delayed from arrival to shipping because mass production cannot be produced.

There is also a return item that says, "Shipped one month after confirming payment", so check the scheduled shipping date in advance.

2-4.Don't forget to check the precautions

Returned dishes may include notifications for use in microwave ovens, dishwashers and ovens.If you make a mistake in handling, be sure to check the precautions, as the returned goods you have received may be damaged or broken.

Hometown tax payment, discerning tableware return goods ranking

So, what kind of return goods are available for implementation?With reference to "Satofuru", we will introduce the return goods of each local government in a ranking format.

1位  【北海道】 手作りカレー皿 444

返礼品 【北海道】 手作りカレー皿 444
内容カレー皿 ×1枚

In the Teshikaga Town, beef curry and soup curry are also available as hometown tax payment items, so why not try it with this curry dish?


2位 【グッドデザイン賞受賞】LUCKYWOOD(ミルトア)12pc ペアセット

返礼品【グッドデザイン賞受賞】LUCKYWOOD(ミルトア)12pc ペアセット

Modern and stylish designs pretend to be beautifully dressed in the dining table.

口コミ・レビューラッキーウッドのカトラリーを返礼品にしているサイトを探して、こちらにたどり着きました。 ミルトアはモダンでスタイリッシュで日常の食卓にも合わせやすく、いい気分で食事ができそうです。指紋がつきにくいマットな持ち手もとても気に入りました。

3位 グッドデザイン賞受賞!【miyama.】isolaパレットプレートM 5枚セット(白磁)

返礼品グッドデザイン賞受賞!【miyama.】isolaパレットプレートM 5枚セット(白磁)
内容isolaパレットプレートM 5枚 (白磁)

Because it is a plate that can put not only cooking but also chopsticks and cutlery, it is active in various scenes.Another feature is that dirt is easily removed.

口コミ・レビュー御茶請け用メインとして選びましたが、家族には主に取り皿として使用されています。ワンプレートでお醤油が入れられたり、箸が置けるところが良いそうです。 洗う食器が少なくなるところが嬉しいです。 同時に注文した大きさ違いのLサイズとともに、我が家のレギュラー皿となりました。

4位 【グッドデザイン賞受賞】LUCKYWOOD(ミルトア)30pc ディナーセット(5客用)

返礼品【グッドデザイン賞受賞】LUCKYWOOD(ミルトア)30pc ディナーセット(5客用)

The stylish, sharp, and modern designs beautifully color the table.


5位 有田焼 まるふく 菊割銘々皿silk5枚セット A25-225

返礼品有田焼 まるふく 菊割銘々皿silk5枚セット A25-225

In addition to various dishes and Western dishes, it is easy to use for desserts.

6位 有田焼 Koselig-arita multi plate 4枚組

返礼品有田焼 Koselig-arita multi plate 4枚組
内容有田焼 Koselig-arita multi plate[4枚組]

Navy, gray, brown, and dark brown are set, so why not use them according to the color of the dishes?

7位 テーブルナイフ・フォークセット 4本組 H5-131 【最長6ヵ月を目安に配送】

返礼品テーブルナイフ・フォークセット 4本組 H5-131 【最長6ヵ月を目安に配送】

Because it is in a stylish box, it seems to be pleased as a gift.Compatible with dishwashers.

口コミ・レビューフォークは刺さりやすく、ナイフはストレス無く切ることが出来ました。 見た目も良いので、長い付き合いになりそうです。 食事が楽しくなりました!

8位 2010年グッドデザイン賞受賞!【miyama.】isolaパレットプレートL (白磁) 3枚組

返礼品2010年グッドデザイン賞受賞!【miyama.】isolaパレットプレートL (白磁) 3枚組

It is a dish that can be used for various dishes such as Japanese and Western food.

口コミ・レビュー大きい枠にトースト、目玉焼き、ソーセージ、小さい方にちょこっとサラダやフルーツなど、いつもの食事がお洒落なワンプレートとなり、特に娘が喜んで使っています。 大きさ違いのMサイズも同時に注文しましたが、どちらも使い勝手が良く、我が家のレギュラー皿となりました。

9位 信楽焼 リムプレートL 淡青磁 s18-di13

返礼品信楽焼 リムプレートL 淡青磁 s18-di13
内容・信楽焼 リムプレートL 淡青磁 1枚

It has a rim (edge) and a hill, so it can be lifted easily.

口コミ・レビュー色味が気に入ってこちらに寄付をしました。届いてみると思ったよりも濃い目のお色でしたが、土の感じと相まってとても素敵なお品でした。 その後、もう一点ほしくて再度寄付をしようと思ったのですが、あいにく受付期間外とのこと。またふるさと納税をすることがあれば、またこちらに寄付をしたいと思えるお品でした。ありがとうございます。

10位 【ふるさと納税】めいぼく椀テッラ 中 3樹種セット 【 お椀 汁椀 木製 神奈川県 小田原市 】

返礼品【ふるさと納税】めいぼく椀テッラ 中 3樹種セット 【 お椀 汁椀 木製 神奈川県 小田原市 】
内容・めいぼく椀テッラ 中(サクラ:1客 ブナ:1客 クルミ:1客)

Why don't you use a bowl with plenty of food that suits Western food for your daily meals?



Hometown tax payments include famous pottery and wooden containers, as well as stylish cutlery.

Unusual tableware that is hard to see in a general store in the city can be obtained after receiving tax deductions by using hometown tax payments.

If you want to get a special dish, please use your hometown tax payment.

さとふるで食器の人気ランキングを探すThe following two tabs change content below.



最新記事 by もちころ (全て見る)

Latest cases related to regional revitalization and town development (I4G Business Design Lab)

  1. 持続可能な地方創生を実現する、地域特性を活かしたまちづくり事例

The latest news of hometown tax payment

What are the recommended hometown tax payment portal sites?

We have carefully picked up and introduced the portal site of hometown tax payment, which has a high reputation from users.


300,000 more than 300,000 thank -you goods!You can post local governments nationwide and choose tax use.Credit payment is also possible



The number of thank -you items and word -of -mouth reviews are the largest, and return goods arrive in a minimum of one week from the application!Also supports credit card payment



TSE First Section Group Corporation Management!8%Amazon gift voucher gift for a donation of 30,000 yen or more.Until 12/31


List of hometown tax payment sites

Complete guide to use hometown tax payment wisely

  1. ふるさと納税制度の変更点と新たな返礼品探しのコツ
  2. ふるさと納税とは?ふるさと納税のメリット・デメリットも解説
  3. 【5分で分かる】ふるさと納税のやり方・方法・手続き完全ガイド
  4. どんなものがもらえる?ふるさと納税の返礼品
  5. 還元率はどうなる?ふるさと納税の最新情報summary
  6. ふるさと納税はいくらまで利用可能?年収別・ケース別の限度額
  7. ふるさと納税の手続きはいつまでにするべき?おすすめの納税時期は?
  8. 住宅ローン利用者はふるさと納税をいくらまでお得に利用できる?
  9. 年金受給者でもふるさと納税はできる?始め方と寄付金上限額
  10. ふるさと納税の寄付金は何に使われる?知っておきたい寄付金の使い道
  11. 実はカンタン!ふるさと納税の確定申告方法と流れを解説
  12. 「確定申告は面倒…」という方におすすめ!ワンストップ特例制度
  13. ふるさと納税のよくある質問をsummaryて一挙に解説!

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