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Engadget Logo Enter the Japanese version of the smartphone operation keeps the optimal temperature at any time.Smart Mug & Bowl "ITEMP"

With the heat function mounted on a mug and a bowl, the coffee and soup are warm up to the last bite.

ITEMP is a warm mug & bowl equipped with a heat function.It is a smart item where you can enjoy coffee and soup at the delicious temperature you like up to the last bite.

Smart Mug & Bowl from Taiwan, which achieved more than $ 130,000 in Kickstarter, will finally carry out crowdfunding in Japan.

Point 1 Keeps the same temperature up to the last bite

POINT 2 mugs, adjust the temperature of the bowl instantly

Preheating function of POINT 3 dedicated application

POINT 4 Intuitive vibration feedback

POINT 5 Safe and high -speed internal heating modules

POINT 6 The world's first!Mug and bowl sharing temperature control function

Temperature and timer can be set with smartphone up to 65 degrees mug and bowl 70 degrees.The smartphone will be announced when the temperature reaches the right temperature.

You've been so crazy about your work and reading coffee, and you've been slimy when you say it.

Even with commercially available warm -minded mugs, the temperature will drop from the time of the coffee.

ITEMP is a warm mug & bowl with a heating function.By setting your own temperature on your smartphone, you can always taste coffee and soup at the optimal temperature.

Even if you have a lot of "drinking" while working at home, always live with warm coffee without worrying about time.

Keep your desired temperature forever with the heat function and sensor

Coffee brewed with boiling water will quickly cool down if the cup is ceramics or plastic.

It is at most 2 hours that it is warm even if you use a warm mug.As soon as it is brewed, the temperature starts to fall.

ITEMP keeps your favorite temperature for a long time with the built -in sensor and heat function.Until the last bite, you can enjoy it at the same temperature.

Even if you are busy, you will no longer drink cold coffee.Itemp keeps your coffee warmly until the end.

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Simple smart design

ITEMP has a smart design without ON / OFF switch.If you put a mug bowl on the saucer, the switch is turned on automatically.

If you do not touch the mug for 2 hours, the switch will automatically turn off, so you will not forget to use unnecessary electrical consumption or switch off.

The power supply status is notified by the Mug and the LED lamp at the bottom of the bowl.

To turn on the switch again, double tap the convex part on the saucer.You can immediately warm up the temperature you like in advance with your smartphone.

Coffee is always warm and don't worry about cooling.

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エンガジェット日本版 スマホ操作でいつでも最適な温度をキープ。スマートマグ&ボウル「iTemp」

Temperature setting and timer are easy to operate with smartphones

ITEMP can synchronize with a smartphone and Bluetooth to use fine temperature settings and timer functions.

Synchronized in real time, adjusting the temperature of smart mugs and bowls.Once you set your favorite temperature for each type of drink, tap the touch button from the next time to quickly adjust the temperature.

When it reaches the right temperature, ITEMP notifies the smartphone.Keep keeping the temperature of drinking as it is.

Since the mug can be set to 35-65 degrees and the bowl can be set to 70 degrees, the temperature can be set freely for hot coffee and babies for babies that require human skin temperature.

In addition, when reheating is reheated, it will notify the smartphone when the set temperature is reached.

Using the timer function, you can enjoy the coffee set in the middle of the night as a waking up morning coffee.

A dedicated app that allows you to check the daily water intake

Since the ITEMP saucer has a weight sensor, the amount of water taken in conjunction with the dedicated application is recorded on the smartphone.

If you set the target water intake, you can tell how much more water you want to remove, at a glance, and tell you when, how much you drank, and the average amount of water intake for several days.

Easy to use mugs and bowls with the same saucer

ITEMP offers a mug type that is convenient for hot drinks, such as coffee and tea, and a bowl type that can be used for hot dishes such as ramen, soup, and oden.

The world's first temperature control smart saucer allows mugs and bowls to be easily switched and warmed.

With a bowl type, the soup is hot until you finish eating the ramen.

Until the last bite, you can taste it with a freshly made warmth.

You can also transfer the toped beef bowl and curry to the bowl and eat it.

With optional dedicated lids and bags, have a warm lunch in the office.

The inside of the container is made of stainless steel that is hard to get dirty.You can easily enjoy chocolate fondue.

In addition, power supply can be supplied to various devices from ITEMP.A refreshing wiring is also realized in the kitchen.

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Design production

Bluebeard Studio is a craft group that focuses on the development of various next -generation IoT products and solutions in Taiwan.We aim to create new experiences to improve our lives, based on professionalism and innovation.Each product is made with our enthusiasm and beliefs and expresses technical innovation.


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