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"Water Purifier" Recommended 5 Selected items can be removed to produce clean water [2022 latest version] --Fav -Log by ITmedia

 If you drink tap water as it is, you may be worried about the smell, mold odor, and mouthfeel for some people.If you want to drink a little healthy and delicious water, why not use a "water purifier"?

三菱ケミカル「クリンスイ MONOシリーズ MD301-WT」(出典:Amazon)

 With a water purifier, you can remove impurities such as residual chlorine contained in tap water.There are various advantages, such as improving the color and aroma of tea and coffee, and preventing the adhesion of water on tableware and cooking utensils.This time, we will introduce how to select such a water purifier and recommended products.

Water purifier: If you value simplicity, "pot type" or "faucet directly connected"

 If you want to use a water purifier for trial, we recommend "pot type".The pot type is a type that pours tap water into a container containing a cartridge for purification water and purifies water.

 It has a pitcher -like shape, and is characterized by easy to handle even for those who use water purifiers for the first time.The pot can be put in the refrigerator as it is, so you can save the filtered water.

 Easy to carry and reasonable.However, it is not possible to purify a large amount of water at once, so it is basic to use it only for drinking water rather than cooking.


 The faucet directly connected type is a type that is used by attaching it to the faucet.Use while switching the purification, raw water, and shower with a lever.There is no work such as putting tap water into the pot, and water purified as it is, so it can be used not only for drinking but also for cooking and dishwashing.

 However, depending on the shape of the faucet, it may not be possible to attach it, so be sure to check it in advance if it can be attached to the faucet at home.

Water purifier: If you want a high water purification capacity, "stationary type" or "built -in type"

 The stationary type is a type that can filter the water taken from the faucet in a tank and produce water purified from the special nozzle.Because of its excellent water purification capacity and a lot of filter capacity, it is perfect for a lot of water purification on a daily basis.

 However, since the tank of the water purifier will be kept in the kitchen, it is necessary to secure some space.If it is too large, the area around the kitchen will be narrowed, so be careful.

パナソニック「アルカリイオン整水器 TK-AS46」(出典:Amazon)

 If you don't want to squeeze the space around the kitchen, a "built -in type" may be better.The built -in type is a type that is installed under the sink, and is characterized by hiding the existence of a water purifier.The water purification capacity is high and the cartridge has a longer life.

 However, the built -in type is required to be construction, so it costs more than other types.

Water purifier: Convenient if there is a function to inform the timing of cartridge replacement

 The cartridge of the water purifier has a lifespan, and you need to replace the cartridge to keep using it.If the life is lost, the water purification capacity will be lost, and in some cases left unattended, bacteria may occur and become unsanitary.

 It is important to understand the timing of replacing the cartridge for maintaining water purification and hygienic use.

パナソニック「浄水器 TK-CJ22」(出典:Amazon)

 There are some models that can be used for a short one to three months, and for more than a year.The guideline for such replacement time is listed in each product, so check in advance.

 Also, it is convenient to have a function to inform the replacement time so that you do not forget to replace the cartridge.We recommend those with a liquid crystal that displays the remaining amount of water purification and replacement time, or a model that teaches the timing of replacement by lamp.

Water purifier: The recommended model is this!


 Brita's "pot type water purifier" is 2 capacity.A water purifier that uses a cartridge in a 4L pot.It is a perfect model if you want to drink clear water.The amount of water that can be filtered at once is 1.It is 26L.


 The size of the pot is 24.1 (width) x 27.4 (height) x 10.5 (depth) CM is relatively small, so you can put a 2L plastic bottle and store it in the refrigerator.The shelf life of the water after the filtration is one day.

 The cartridge is basically replaced once every four weeks, and the timing of the cartridge replacement can be seen by checking the lid smartlight.When replacement is needed, it flashes in red.The selling price is around 3500 yen.


パナソニック「浄水器 TK-CJ22」

 Panasonic's "Water Purifier TK-CJ22" is a faucet directly connected water purifier.It has high water purification capabilities that can remove 17 substances.We use a long -lasting cartridge that can be used for about one year by using 10L a day.

パナソニック「浄水器 TK-CJ22」(出典:Amazon)

 You can switch between purification, raw water and shower.The replacement time of the cartridge can be checked in the liquid crystal.When the remaining amount of water purification is 150L or less, the liquid crystal numbers indicating the amount of water purification will flash.The selling price is around 9100 yen.


東レ「カセッティ MK307MX」

 Toray's "Cassetti MK307MX" is a faucet -connected water purifier.It removes residual chlorine and mold odor without losing minerals.Switch and use in three stages: purification, raw water shower, and raw water straight.

東レ「カセッティ MK307MX」(出典:Amazon)

 A model that can be used for washing ingredients and washing dishes in addition to drinking water.Assuming a 10L daily use, the replacement time of the cartridge is two months.

 If you remove the pull -cap, you can check the condition of the cartridge and see the timing of replacement.The selling price is around 4100 yen.


パナソニック「調理浄水器 TK-CS30」

 Panasonic's "Cooking Water Purifier TK-CS30" is a stationary water purifier.It is equipped with a water purification cartridge and a soft water cartridge, so you can not only purify water, but also make mellow soft water.With the water quality switching dial, it is possible to change the water purification and soft water.

パナソニック「調理浄水器 TK-CS30」(出典:Amazon)

 The replacement is about 6 months for a water purification cartridge and about 3 months for a soft water cartridge.The replacement of cartridges and batteries is displayed on the liquid crystal display.The selling price is around 17,000 yen.


パナソニック「アルカリイオン整水器 TK-AS46」

 Panasonic's "Alkaline Ion Water Arritor TK-AS46" is a stationary water purifier.A cartridge with excellent water purification capabilities is adopted.The measure of the cartridge replacement is 15L a day, about 2 years.The replacement time will be notified by the lamp.

パナソニック「アルカリイオン整水器 TK-AS46」(出典:Amazon)

 Not only can you purify water, but you can also generate gastrointestinal -friendly alkaline ions.Alkaline ionized water can be adjusted in three stages: starting, accustomed to drinking, and daily drinking, and other weakly acidic water suitable for face washing can be generated.A total of 5 types of water quality can be performed by the button operation.

 By operating the lever, you can switch between raw water and shower, and you can expect about 20 % of water saving effects for a shower.The selling price is around 46,000 yen.


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