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Meshitsu Produced by RECRUIT Partying at home with tacos will make you happy, so everyone should do it

Home party with tacos = “Tacopa” recommendation

Even though “Tacopa” is not takoyaki, it is a tacos party.

Hello, this is Meshitsu writer Kagezou.

Since I have three children, when I want to have a big meal with my close friends and family, I make it a home party where I don't have to worry about the surroundings or the time.

The other day, my wife's friends and family came to visit us, so we held a taco party. Of all the home party menus we have had so far, the taco party was probably the most enjoyable.

Tacos, the national dish of Mexico, are highly recommended because they are easy and delicious. This time, I would like to tell you all the know-how of Tacopa that I have cultivated so far.

At least this is enough for Tacopa. Minimum Items

Just like miso soup can be miso soup no matter what ingredients you put in it, if you put some kind of ingredient in a tortilla (corn skin), it's all tacos.

However, just as many people think of miso soup, there are certain ingredients that come to mind when thinking of tacos.

For the time being, I think tacopa will be established with the following ingredients.


As expected, it won't start without this.

It seems that there are people who make it from the skin when they become fierce, but that alone is a big job, so Kagezo buys frozen products at imported food stores and commercial supermarkets.

Depending on the size and number of sheets, you can get 10 to 12 sheets for around 200 to 300 yen.

In our tacopa, we use a size of about 14 to 15 cm.

The guideline for the number of sheets is 4 to 5 sheets for one adult.

There are large ones, about 18-20 cm, but if you eat two of them, you'll be full.

We choose smaller skins because we want to enjoy different flavors by changing the contents.

When I eat it, I either microwave it or warm it up a little in a frying pan before serving.

Taco meat

It's minced meat wrapped in a tortilla. It is the main ingredient.

We use a mixture of beef and pork.

As for the seasoning, most stores that sell tortillas have seasonings for tacos, so I buy them together.

We use seasoning, so there's no trick to it, but when you stir-fry minced meat, a lot of water comes out.

This is mixed with a lot of scum, so it will taste better if you spill it and throw it away or use kitchen paper to absorb it.

Once the excess water has been removed, season with seasoning, add water, and simmer for a while.

Oh, and since it's both nutritious and bulky at home, I add canned red kidney beans like chili con carne (of course, you can omit the beans).

As a guideline for the amount of meat, we don't eat this much like hamburgers, so I think it's good to have about 100g per person (because there are various other wrapping materials).

Salsa Mexicana

Sauce for chopped vegetables.

Salsa means "sauce" in Spanish.

There was a time when kagezo used to call it "salsa sauce," but that's a redundant expression like "jige nabe" (*chige means "hot pot" in Korean). , Even if I think about it now, my face turns red with a blush.

To make salsa, roughly chop (or mince) onions, tomatoes, and green peppers, mix, and sprinkle with salt.

It's delicious to add some grated garlic to this base, and I also add some chopped celery for a refreshing taste.

Let it sit for about 1-2 hours so that the flavors will blend in.

Just before eating, squeeze a squeeze of lime on the table.

There is a theory that the vegetables are derived from the colors of the Mexican flag (green, white, and red) because it is called mexicana. Onions and tomatoes are a must.

Since I have a child, I don't use spicy seasoning. That's why I use cucumbers and green peppers instead of green peppers.

Oh, how much? "Anything is appropriate." It's also delicious when poured over other dishes, so it's okay to make a lot. At home, I make it with about 1 onion, 1 tomato, and 1 cucumber (or 2 green peppers).

That's all for tacos. With this, the party is finally established... I would like to say that, but there is one more thing that is absolutely essential...


Huh? "I heard a voice say, "It doesn't have to be." Are you serious?"

Salsa don't have to put it on, but have you forgotten your drink?

And considering the compatibility, I can't think of anything but Mexican beer (and a bottle) for Mexican food (Tequila is also an option, but I want to drink beer with tacos, so tequila is another time).

And if you drink Mexican beer, squeeze a lime, screw it into the bottle, and drink the trumpet without a glass! "So lime is a must!"

Oh, children and people who can't drink alcohol, of course, enjoy soft drinks.

Tastes like authentic tacos. One Rank Up Item Edition

The above ingredients were Kagezo's "minimum" items.

If you want to further enhance the taste and atmosphere, these items will bring you closer to the authentic taste (although I have never been to Mexico, so I refer to the menus I ate at specialty stores). world.

jalapeno and coriander

Meshitsu Produced by RECRUIT tacos at home Partying will make you happy, so everyone should do it.

There aren't many raw green peppers in the supermarket near my house.

So I often use bottled jalapenos for spiciness.

Coriander goes really well with Salsa Mexicana, so I highly recommend it.

Both of them can be mixed into the salsa from the beginning, but different people like spicy and coriander, so I serve them on separate plates.

If you don't have these, Tabasco is fine!


So-called avocado dip.

Crush the avocado, season with salt, squeeze a lime or lemon, and voila. It's delicious when mixed with salsa, it's a staple on tortilla chips, and it's delicious wrapped in tacos.

Here are a couple of tricks for making guacamole.

Guacamole Hack Part 1: How to Crush Avocados

Avocados can be hard or soft, and the skin can be difficult to peel off, so isn't it a bit of a hassle to crush them?

In that case, after squeezing the skin, you can cut off the tip and push it out into a small plate to save the trouble of crushing it with a ball.

Guacamole Hack Part 2: Leaving seeds to stop color

Also, about the seeds, I intentionally leave them in the dip. This has a color-fixing effect and keeps the bright green color for a long time.

Taco Sauce

If you put it in tacos, it will accentuate the taste and bring it closer to the authentic taste. I don't make this from scratch either, I buy bottled ones.

We sell everything from spicy to mild, so it's a good idea to buy according to the lineup of participating members.


An appetizer-like dish of tortilla chips with sauce.

Sauce can be anything from salsa mohicana to guacamole.

Official tortilla chips are made by cutting the skin into bite-sized pieces and frying them.

At home, we put melted cheese in taco sauce and chin in the microwave. I put it on the chips and put it on the table. It is popular with children and adults alike, and is always eaten up in no time.

Hard shell

It's a hard version of a tortilla.

This is also available at imported food stores. The tacos that Kagezou ate for the first time in his life were probably "Royal Host" tacos, and that's the hard shell type.

Combined with the delicious crunchy texture and the influence of the original experience, we always prepare both soft and hard.


You want to eat lots of vegetables too. There is salsa, but it's just a sauce, so I always have shredded lettuce.

Slices of onion or cabbage would be nice instead of lettuce. Or sometimes I mix them all together.


There is no need to explain why tacos taste better. You can use whatever kind of cheese you like, but since it will be put in the tacos, it should be flaky or shredded.

We often use a mixture of cheeses or cottage cheese.


Seafood goes well with tacos. This time I prepared shrimp seasoned with grated garlic and salt and pepper. It's healthy and delicious if you use sea chicken instead of minced meat.

cooler box

It's a pain to go to the fridge every time to get a drink. Also, even if you are a close guest, it's a bit reluctant to open the refrigerator at home.

On the other hand, it is also difficult for the host to go get it every time there is a request.

So we have a cooler box at home.

Fill it with water, add a drink, and add the block ice that was frozen in the container from the previous day. Instead, each person will have to take out from here.

I think the drinks in the iced water look like a festival stall and would be interesting as a production. Oh, and don't forget to put a towel nearby to wipe off the water droplets.

With tacopa, once the food is prepared first, each person can make and eat at their own pace with their favorite ingredients, so the host can also sit at the table and eat and chat slowly.

It's fun for both children and adults to mix and play.

I think it's going to be a very merry party.

There is no need to worry about leftover ingredients with Tacopa

One thing that comes with Hompa is how to eat the leftover ingredients from the previous day.

The pattern that tends to be tacopa is that only the tortilla is gone, and everything else is left halfway.

But it's okay, just prepare the rice.

Yes, if you put taco meat, vegetables, crumbled chips, and cheese on top of the rice, "taco rice" will be completed in no time.

On the other hand, there may be times when you just have a lot of leftover tortillas. There is no problem here either.

Apply chili sauce (or ketchup if you don't have one) on the tortilla, place the leftover ingredients or the odd leftovers in the refrigerator appropriately, and put the cheese on top, and you're ready to go.

If you bake it in the oven toaster, you will have a piece of "thin crispy pizza".

Tacos that you can enjoy from the day of Hompa until the next day. Please try it.

Written by: Rice Cooker Kagezo

A father of two daughters and one son born in 1974. I share cooking with my wife who works together. With the motto, "I can imitate delicious food," I not only make recipes introduced in cookbooks and media, but also reproduce the dishes I ate outside at home. We are promoting "Home Meshi, Home Bar, Home Izakaya" for family and bosom. Working as a board game writer under the name of "Sugorokuya Kagezou". A childcare blog is also being updated under the name of "Koikuya Kagezou".

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