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I have been taught how to make "Nuts with Nut Curry", a store manager who has a shop as a hobby and borrows it with a hobby of Messyori Produced by Recruit curry.

Was Kobe a curry city? 

In 2020, I moved from Tokyo to Kobe.

With this long -distance migration, I don't know where and what to eat when eating rice.

Especially curry.

I especially like eating curry by eating out, but I don't know where it's delicious and where the shop is.

At that time, I found a hashtag on the net saying "#Kobe is a curry city".Kobe, it was a curry city ...? 

However, if you dig this tag, you can develop a curry shop in Kobe who did not understand at all.Thank you for this ...!

▲ The third floor of this building is Large Kumar.Put it up when you go up the side stairs

"Kobe Curry Shokudo Large Kumar", which is open on Nagasa -dori, which is close to Sannomiya, the center of the city area of Kobe, is a shop that actively uses the hashtags.

When I visited for the first time, it was a difficult situation due to corona, but lunch was open while taking measures against infectious diseases.

Although there was not much prior information, when I went out for business, this is delicious.

Although it is not spicy, the taste is deep, and the taste of spices and the texture of vegetables and meat are clearly felt.

It is not a sharp taste like a spice curry these days, but it is not a taste like "curry made by mom".

It is a curry with a sense of security that is easy to eat while combining a little irregular ingredients.

If you are in the neighborhood, it will be a taste that will go through a week.

The owner, Ayaichi Katayama, runs this Large Kumar.

He is the founder of the hashtag that says "#Kobe is a curry city", and in addition to running a shop, making retort curry and publishing recipes online, doing various things that seem to be interesting.It seems to be there.

But is Kobe a curry city in the first place?

I really wanted to listen to the story, and when I asked for an interview when the emergency declaration was released, I was able to accept it.

The story I heard was full of Katayama's actions, curry love, and Kobe's thoughts.

Decided to be a curry shop from a sales employee

▲ The inside of the store looks like this.It's wide

── First of all, can you tell us how the store opened?

Katayama: ohriginally, I was born in Gunma, and I got a job in 2008 a chemical manufacturer in Tokyo.So, I was working on the manufacturer, but I was transferred to ohsaka in 2011.Gunma had no sea around, and he had always been longing for the port town, and moved to Kobe at the opportunity of relocation of ohsaka.

At first, it was a job that had nothing to do with curry shops.

Katayama: That's right.So, at that time I was doing karate, but I was a little injured.I couldn't practice as hard as before, so I had time, so I thought, "I wonder if I can cook something ..." and started cooking from there.I tried to make pasta, but for the first time, I made curry using spices from a famous manufacturer called red can.It's about 2014.

── ohh, there is curry there.

Katayama: When I made the curry, I thought, "This is a mixture of spices, so if I buy the spice written on the back of this can, I wonder if I can do the same thing."From there, I was addicted to curry and spices at once, and started making it on my own.When I was making it, I wanted to feed people, so I called my friends and did something like a curry party.At this time, it is a completely hobby.

で す か Did you have any trigger to make a store from there?

Katayama: In January 2017, I went to a curry event in ohsaka.Even those who don't have a store can come out, and I brought a nut keema that is still in the shop.At first, I thought about what would happen if I had an unspecified number of people eat my curry, but I was impressed here.

か Are you impressed?

Katayama: I still remember, but I was asked, "Where is the store?"I'm happy this ...At that time, I was a company employee, so I always got paid on the 25th of every month, but if I was a curry shop, I could have customers eat what I studied.So, I was pleased, and I felt clear that working was to get the price.I like to make and eat curry, but I know that I like it the most.After that, when I went to the event again in May of the same year, I reconfirmed the desire to do a curry shop.

──Hmm, it's a good story ...!

Learn curry by self -taught and step up to "rental curry"

▲ When you enter the store, there is a space where hand craft and other curry shop name cards are placed.

──However, is it possible to make curry to the level of opening a store just by self -taught?

Katayama: I think it's a genre that can be self -taught more than such dishes, such as Italian, French, and sushi.I basically have been prototypes while obtaining information on blogs and online spice culinary researchers.Also, I referred to a recipe article written by a famous curry researcher.

── I see.It means that curry is a lot of routes other than opening a business at a specialty store for many years.So, after going to the event ...?

Katayama: The place of work at that time was ohsaka, but there was a culture of "borrowing curry" in ohsaka, and I did quite a bit in the neighborhood of the company.The borrowing curry is a type of curry shop that uses stores and kitchens for limited date and time, such as the daytime and share kitchens of the bar, but I get along with one of them.Why don't you try it? "

──The story is fast.

Katayama: However, there were not many people in Kobe at that time, and many people lent me a place, and many didn't know what the borrowed curry was.So, when I was doing business, I made a material called "What is a borrowing curry?""If you lend me a place to a curry shop in this form, there are such advantages and disadvantages, and I want to borrow such equipment, but I can prepare this myself."

As expected, a former business job!

Katayama: The borrowed curry started around August 2017, and the first borrowed was a cafe bar, but after that I changed around.So, from January 2019, I was able to borrow a property called "Live House with facilities after a ramen shop has come out in a corner of the store".The store manager here said, "Live houses are a place to support a variety of musicians. Speaking of which, the curry is like a musician aiming for a major from the street. I will support you!"I had it.

It's a good story ...However, Mr. Katayama is still an office worker at that time.

Katayama: That's right.I did a borrowing curry only on the weekend, but I was a busy job at the company, so it was 11 o'clock at night on Friday.From there, I slept for about 2 hours and went to the store.I have to carry onions, rice, meat, and meat myself, so I rent a rental car early in the morning and go to a commercial supermarket, and if I buy ingredients, carry my luggage to the store, return the rental car.Move to the store by train ...

── It's too hard ...

Katayama: But it was fun!What I was blessed with was that there were about eight acquaintances who helped me from that time, and I managed to do it.Also, I say it myself, but it opened only two or three times a month, so it was a topic.In the end, I was grateful that I was able to wait about an hour.

── It's amazing by borrowing!

And finally open.However, the corona whirlpool hit directly ...!

で す か Did you finally open the store from there?

Katayama: The last borrowing business was in ohctober 2019, but in September of this year, I rented a live house and did a curry festival called "Kobe Curry Port".Planned with volunteers and collected venue expenses, and about 350 customers came.We opened Large Kumar in November.I retired from the company a little while ago, and at this time, I thought I would die, saying, "Prepare for the event while retiring and prepare for opening a store."。

──It survived well ...But are you glad you opened the store?

Katayama: When I first went to the event, I thought, "Let's do a store someday."Although it was realized earlier than I thought.I enjoy the excitement of having a customer ate my curry first every day, and I'm really happy to open the store.A lot of good children gathered for the staff, and I think that was good.

Speaking of which, Large Kumar also accepts student internships apart from ordinary staff.

Katayama: It's different from a part -time job.A NPoh with Kobe was running a facility for students to gather and work, which was demolished by redevelopment.I was told that I was looking for a person who could push the student's back, so I suggested how to do an intern at our shop.

──It's different from a so -called part -time job.

Katayama: That's right.The current sales are about this, and if there is no such figure, the shop will collapse, but now it is like this in the corona whirlpool, so I thought about how to think that the sales will rise.increase.

で す ね You're all open.

▲ This is a private space invented by a student in one corner of the store

Katayama: So, for example, a corner of the shop was playing, so I asked him to decorate it with a dried flower and make it a charter space.So, we'll have a meeting with a dried flower teacher, think about how to place and hang it online, and start a series of projects.I thought that it would be strong if I could say, "I actually started a project because of my personal business and made this much profit."

──, that's a strong interview measure!Also, Large Kumar also sold retort curry.

▲ This is the gift set of the original retort curry

Katayama: I'm doing it!I'll renew this time, but that's what I started with because there was a corona whirlpool.People disappeared from the city from April to May of 2020, and I wanted to eat curry and became a curry shop, but nobody could eat curry and I couldn't say that I would come to the store.I'm in a state.So, the first thing I did was to publish the recipe online.For the time being, I want you to make it and eat it yourself for the time being.I don't get money.

──It's urgent.

Katayama: I was pleased with this very much, so I thought it wasn't just to deliver curry and have them come to the store.So I worked with other nearby restaurants in collaboration with "Kobe Delivery Marche".At that time, a new application from a restaurant was flooded with a restaurant delivery service for eating and drinking, and I couldn't order a new delivery.Then, in order to do delivery by yourself, the shop I know nearby will give you an idea.We received an order in the DM of our Instagram account, shared it between the shops, had a car out or hired a driver, and delivered it to customers.However, with this, the range that can be delivered is narrow.

──Hmm, that's right.

Katayama: If you want to do it wider, it's still a retort.So I first bought the retort curry sold at department stores and convenience stores, and ate everything.

── All!

Katayama: So I called the delicious company directly, "I'm a curry shop in Kobe ...", and one of them happened to hear the story.We sent the recipe and frozen the actual product to reproduce our curry.So I sold it, but I don't know how to sell retort curry.It's like "How do you line up in department stores ..."

I don't know, certainly.

Katayama: In the first place, retort curry can't beat a major food manufacturer.Then try to fight on another ring.I can't come and go in the Corona whirlpool right now, so I want to make a gift as a gift, "I can't meet but you are important."So I decided to take the form of a gift set.I'm planning to renew this time, but I want to be able to put a letter in a letter -like design or an envelope.There is also an EC site, so if you order it, it will be shipped nationwide!

If you use it, you can eat curry here anywhere in the country.

What is your thoughts in "#Kobe in the curry city"

▲ There is also an illustration board for "#Kobe to the Curry Town"

Also, it's a story that Mr. Katayama made a hashtag that made a hashtag called "#Kobe is a curry city".

Katayama: ohriginally, from the time of borrowing, I said, "I want to make Kobe a curry city."Various restaurants said, "It's difficult to do one curry in Kobe."Because in Kobe, there is an image that curry is a low unit price.Because it is a business model of a small restaurant that makes a drink at night, a curry shop that sells low -prices mainly in the daytime is completely the opposite.Kobe has a small market.

──It's true in theory.

Katayama: But if the curry of Kobe becomes a specialty and can make the market itself, I think that all curry shops in Kobe can survive.Another thing is that the population of Kobe is decreasing now, and there are fewer than Fukuoka or Kawasaki.So, if the number of specialties increases and the number of customers who "come to Kobe for curry" increases, I think that my favorite curry can contribute to the city.

▲ There is also a map of a curry shop in Kobe.

Certainly, the speed of Kobe's population decline seems to be amazing ...

Katayama: Still, if more people come to Kobe to eat curry, for example, "go to Kagawa to eat udon", I think they will drop money in various places.I want to think about how to pull money from outside, rather than spinning money in a city where the population is declining.And if you like what you like there, you won't be so happy.That's why the hashtag "#Kobe is a curry city" has the aim of developing Kobe curry shops, including yourself, and whether something can be done for the city of Kobe.

── I see.There are various specialties in Kobe, but even if another curry is added to it, no one will lose!Do you feel any response to this initiative?

Katayama: ohnly Instagram, but in ohctober 2021 1.About 50,000 are posted.Some people have started visiting curry shops after this tag.Also, people other than curry shops sometimes say, "I won't let the curry town!"Kobe has Western food, cake and Chinese, and the reaction of saying what to do is sometimes coming.I wonder if it's quite noticeable, it's a pile that comes out.However, I don't want to stand out, but the real purpose is just where I just mentioned.

── I also moved to Kobe and I don't know the store at all, so this tag is helped.I hope the curry will be a new specialty of Kobe ...!

メシ通 Produced by RECRUIT カレーを趣味で自作、間借りを経て店を持った店長の「ナッツ入りキーマカレー」の作り方を教わってきた

Let's make a key curry with nuts that Mr. Katayama first sold, "3 kinds of nuts fragrant chicken keema"

▲ It is a curry that is usually served in the shop!

From here, I would like to know how to make curry that Katayama's first curry at the event, "3 kinds of nut fragrant chicken keema", but this is still a regular menu of the shop.

Katayama: That's right.The mainstream of the recent spice curry is shabby, but I like the meat that was fleshy.So, as a result, I wondered what the curry was not found in curry, and I thought it would be a difference with the texture.Also, toppings are relatively easy to do.

で す ね It's a curry that makes use of it.

Katayama: That's right.I wonder if it would be nice to contain hard, nuts and chewy vegetables, so it would be a combination of nuts with the keema recipes that I had made so far.The first recipe was made around 2016, but we still undergo minor changes.

── I see ...And here is the material.

▲ Garlic and ginger are too huge to fit in business bottles and are not shown in the photo.sorry!

[Ingredients] (for 4 people)

Katayama: This is about the amount of 4 adults.

Katayama: First, add oil and mustard seeds in the frying pan without heating.Then, heat over low heat.Mastered seeds are more fragrant when put in, rather than spicy.

▲ Fire is super low heat

── It's okay here with super low heat.

Katayama: While heating slowly, make the onions off the onions.The cut is quite rough.

▲ It's pretty rough, but this is fine

──It is about 1㎝ square, this.

Katayama: There are various theories, but I think it's better to cut the onion tissue as much as possible.Even if the cut method is a little bigger, I don't care much if you add minced meat.Then, while cutting the onions, wait for the mustard seed to crack.

Is there anything you should be careful about when cooking?

Katayama: It is better to volume the amount of oil and salt.Spices are powdered, but they only have a fragrance after melting in oil.Therefore, if the amount of oil to be put in the frying pan first is not decided exactly, the taste is easy to blur.Today is exactly 3 tablespoons....... Ah, the mustard seeds are all, so put onions.

▲ Push the onions to push the onions

▲ From here on, high heat!

── ohh, onions are spread throughout the frying pan.

Katayama: This is an imitation of a recipe of a famous curry researcher, but when frying the onions, it is laid in a frying pan and fried over high heat.If left alone, it will burn, so sometimes water (outside the amount) is soaked in about half of the onion.

▲ Add the water when it seems to be burnt.It ’s okay to say quite a bit

▲ Fried fried for 3-4 minutes, mix lightly with water.If you repeat this about 3 times, it will be like this

─ Stir fry until it becomes candy -colored ...

Katayama: If you think you have to fry for a long time, you will be frustrated.When you add water, the burnt on the frying pan melts and turns around, and even if left alone, it turns brown.If you repeat this two or three times, it will be a candy color with haste.Also, you do not have to hesitate the amount of water.Even if you think you put too much, the water flies right away.So, while fried onions, cut carrots and tomatoes.

▲ The ginseng is also a coarse.

▲ The tomato feels like "I only need to cut it"

──It's quite a big way to cut carrots.This is also a size of just under 1 cm per side.

Katayama: This size is more chewy and delicious.The tomatoes are finally crushed, so it's enough to cut them.Then, the onion is getting brown, so add garlic and ginger here and mix.

▲ 1 tablespoon of ginger

▲ And 1 tablespoon of garlic

─ Garlic and ginger can be put in quite a bit.

Katayama: This curry is a way to make it without removing dashi, so garlic and ginger are replacement of dashi.Without this, the punch will be lost, and when you try it and feel that there is no richness, you are usually insufficient.Let's put tomatoes when mixed.

▲ I can put tomatoes

で す か Isn't this a raw tomato?

Katayama: ohf course, the can is easier!In the case of raw tomatoes, you have to add water as appropriate so that the juice of the tomatoes is turned over the whole, but if you can leave the can, you can leave it as it is.So, here is important, but while crushing the tomatoes in a frying pan, if you have a home stove, flood and heat the water at a high temperature of about high heat.

▲ Crush the tomatoes while adding water as appropriate.When the juice of the tomatoes turns over the whole, fry the pounding over high heat and drain it.

▲ It has become loose paste

で す か Is there any reason?

Katayama: Tomatoes contain a lot of citric acid, so if you don't fly this citric acid at high temperatures, the curry will be sour and the taste will blur.In the case of tomato cans, fry firmly until the juice flies.If the sourness of this tomato remains, you will not be able to recover later.When frying the onions, I make side dishes and do other things, but only this process is clear.Conversely, if you want to use tomato curry by making use of sourness, it is a way to boil it slowly while weakening the fire and leaving moisture.

── Haha, the way of heating is different depending on when you need only the flavor and richness of tomatoes and when you use sourness.ohh, the juice has already flew.It's early if it's a commercial stove.

▲ The first fire extinguishing

▲ Contains spices and salt

Katayama: When the tomatoes are roasted, stop the heat for the first time.Then add all the spices and salt and mix well.It is better to pay the spices properly.If you shake the bottle of a commercially available spice, it will be sprinkled, but you should stop that.Conversely, if you just count it here, the taste will not blur.

▲ If you mix it around, it will be curry!

── ohh, when the spices were mixed, it became curry at once.It smells really good ...

Katayama: When mixed, add carrots, cashew nuts and peanuts and fry over medium heat.Nuts are usually commercially available, and if you are not salt -free.After lightly roasting, add water and minced chicken for simmering without weakening the heat.

▲ The meat is the last, this curry

──Meat is the last.

Katayama: That's right.While loosening the minced meat, stir firmly until the fire is passed and boil.When the fire starts to pass and gets apart, turn it low and simmer for a few minutes.In fact, it has already been established as a curry.

▲ Stir -fried until the water remains lightly.

── It looks delicious.

Katayama: So, this is a process that I haven't seen many people other than me, but mix the coconut milk powder (coconut milk can be used in substitutes) with powder.If you use coconut milk, fry it over medium heat while frying a little water.

▲ Pour coconut milk powder

── This is usually melted in water.

Katayama: That's right.In fact, if you don't melt it with hot water, it will be uneven.However, if you put it with powder, you can control the amount of water in the curry.This curry was not shabby, but I wanted to make it look like a fluttering meat, so I dare to stay with the powder here.Also, when coconut milk is cooked for a long time, it will come out, so I think that this method can adjust the water content while leaving the most flavor.

──The reason is right ...

▲ If you mix it roughly, you're done!!

Katayama: The curry itself is now complete.After that, if you put it further and put the crushed almonds on it, it will be done, but today I will serve it in the same way as the shop.

▲ We had you serve as much as the shop.It looks delicious without complaint

── It looks incredibly delicious!

Katayama: If you like, please try it.

▲ Ume ~~~

I will have it!Uh ~~~, the crunchy texture of nuts is good!!The scent of spices is also effective, and it tastes like a habit.If you eat after looking at the process to make, you will feel more convinced!

Katayama: Well, thank you.

What are the next goals between Mr. Katayama and Large Kumar?

─ What do Katayama want to do in the future?

Katayama: If I can do it in a time, I want to do a curry festival again.Also, I used to study, "How did Hamamatsu gyoza become famous?"

Is it a confrontation?

Katayama: ohf course, it was not a serious fight, but I got on Utsunomiya or other gyoza famous places, saying, "Let's decide which is better," and raised the foreign name.So I think it would be interesting if the curry in Kobe could be able to work with a famous place in Kanda or Yokosuka, such as Kanda, Yokosuka, and like a confrontation together.

── It's going to be exciting!

Katayama: Anyway, I think that I have to raise my foreign awareness and create a flow of money from the outside.The big goal is that Kobe curry is famous on a nationwide scale and the number of people who come to Kobe for curry purpose will increase.

──Hmm, I feel like Katayama's action is quite so.Please do your best!


Kobe Curry Cafeteria Large Kumar

Address: 3-2-16 Kita-Nagadori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo ohpening hours: 11: 30-15: 00 (L).oh.14:30) Regular holiday: Monday.Open on Sunday


Writer.Born in Gifu prefecture.Currently free to work for the former model magazine editorial department.In the monthly "Hobby Japan", "Tell me the story of Shigeru's Ame Boom!" And "Hobby Japan Extra" is serialized in "Shigeru 2 -chome Cinema".I love plastic models, military, toys, movies, American comics, and novels with lots of guns.

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