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The Cartier ring I got from the proposal turned out to be fake. - Peachy - livedoor news


Cartier I stopped by an art gallery while waiting to enter Ginza, and was looking at a painting that caught my eye.

I turned around and saw a man in a blue suit staring at me.

Are you taller than 180cm? The slitted eyes that can be seen through the long hair are shining like amber reflecting the display light.

"No... I was just watching."

"This isn't very valuable. It's close to plagiarism."

- new pick-up, weird guy.

I was annoyed by the man who called out to me rudely, so I left the place and headed for Cartier.

"Sorry, we're out of stock of the Trinity necklace right now..."


I used to work as a cabin attendant for a major airline and changed jobs in my late twenties. Currently working in the public relations department of a real estate company.

When I turned 30, I was thinking of buying a three-ring necklace. But if it's out of stock, it can't be helped.

When I left the store thinking that today was going to be kicked and stepped on, I heard a voice from inside the silver Aston Martin that was parked along Miyuki-dori.

"I'm sorry for suddenly calling out to you earlier. Would you like to have a cup of coffee somewhere?"

…Meeting this man terrified me.

The identity of the man who suddenly called out to me was...

I didn't manage to get around him and brought me to "Mercer Branch Ginza Terrace".

"Nice to meet you, I'm Mizukawa."

He called himself that, proudly crossing his long legs.

When I dropped my gaze on the business card that was handed to me, there was written "Fine Arts & Technology President & CEO / Art Collector Toshiharu Mizukawa".

"Art collectors used to deal with paintings and sculptures, but now my main business is contemporary art and NFTs that are traded in cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum."

I couldn't understand even half of the words that came out of his mouth, but I felt my heart loosen when he spoke vividly of his future prospects.

Is Miyabi looking for something in Cartier?

"Trinity necklace. But I couldn't buy it because it was out of stock."

From that day on, I began to get in touch with him frequently, and started eating with him.

And three months after we met, it was Christmas. After opening a glass of champagne at Le Signe in Ginza, Toshiharu placed a bright red Cartier paper bag on the table.

"Eh, what is this..."

"Okay. Open it."

When I opened the box, there was a trinity necklace shining in the light of the chandelier.

"No... I can't get something this expensive."

Even though I refrained from doing so, I was swallowed up by Toshiharu's pace as he held up the wine glass, and ended up being embraced by him.

Since then, my life has changed completely.

Toshiharu took me behind the wheel of an Aston Martin and took me to museums, historic sites off-limits to the general public, and members-only hotel lounges.

"I want you to marry me"

And then we celebrated our one year anniversary. Toshiharu was at her big villa in Karuizawa, and she put a Cartier ring on my ring finger.

―Finally, I met a real man...

When he proposed to me, I realized that I was at the peak of happiness.

But that joy is short-lived. An incident has happened.

One early morning. When I woke up to the sound of the intercom, I saw three men in gray suits standing at my front door.

"I'm from the Mita Police Station. You're Masaru Natsuki, aren't you? Do you know Toshiharu Mizukawa?"

"Yeah... what did Toshiharu do?"

I let them into the room and sat on the couch, clenching my fists. The engagement ring on my ring finger digs into my palm.

The Cartier ring I got from the proposal It was fake... - Peachy - Livedoor News

"Hey, can I borrow your remote?"

When one of the detectives turned on the TV in the living room, he saw a police officer carrying out cardboard boxes one after another from the front door of a skyscraper.

On the upper left of the screen, a telop reads, "Fine Arts & Technology Co. suspected of fraudulent fraud amounting to 80 billion yen."

"What do you mean...?"

What kind of relationship do you have with the president, Toshiharu Mizukawa?

"Eh... Um, my fiancée."

I listened to the detective's explanation of the situation in a matter-of-fact manner, holding back my feet as I was about to collapse.

It seems that Toshiharu was involved in a fraudulent act via cryptocurrency with the entire company. It seems she made a lot of money off of buying worthless art.

And he has already been arrested and is being detained at the Mita Police Station.

Thinking that those dreamy days were all made possible by the money I got from fraud, I felt something like lead rise up from the depths of my stomach.

"So you didn't know anything?"

I couldn't help but nod without words, but they looked at me with pitiful eyes and mechanically encouraged me by saying, "I'm lucky that I'm not married yet."

...but that's not all.

"Suspect Mizukawa will be transferred from Mita Police Station to the Metropolitan Police Department!"

When I heard the high-pitched voice of the announcer, I suddenly looked up at the TV. I froze.

Why Miyabi stared at the TV and froze

"This person... It's not Toshiharu."

"Fine Arts & Technology Co., Ltd. President Toshiharu Mizukawa", who was handcuffed on both sides, was a short, fat man in his fifties. It was a different person from the man who was held by.

"Not Mizukawa? What do you mean?"

Confused by the detective who leaned forward, I couldn't tell if it was relief or sadness, but I kept repeating, "This person is not Toshiharu."

Fine Arts &

However, the public's interest gradually faded, and at some point they diverted to other scandals.

And yet, six months after the incident, I still haven't been able to contact him.

- Who was Toshiharu Mizukawa, whom I held?

Let's forget about him. With that in mind, I went to the pawn shop with the jewelry and watch I had received from Toshiharu.

"Customer. This is all fake."


"Well, the bag and box are real, but the contents are all fake. I'm sorry, but I can't buy it."

Toshiharu suddenly disappeared after the incident, leaving a mystery behind. But she thought that the happy times they spent together were not lies.

But the memories he left behind were completely fake. The moment he realized that, large drops of tears spilled out.

I left the pawn shop in a daze and started walking around the streets of Ginza. …then.


A familiar voice is heard from behind. When I turned around, there was "Mizukawa Toshiharu" who I was holding.

"I missed you..."

He hugs me as I stand still in surprise. His dusty and sweaty coat smelled musty, and pus-filled pimples could be seen through his stubble.

"Who the hell are you?"

"...Please forgive me. I had nothing to do with that incident. I'm Mizukawa's secretary, Ryo Nagayama. I apologize for hiding it from Miyabi. I wanted to

He confessed on the spot that he was playing "Mizukawa Toshiharu" using Mizukawa's car, villa, company expenses, and business cards.

Although he was interviewed as a person involved in the fraud, he was not charged because he had no direct involvement in the fraud case, and now he is living while working as a day laborer.

"I fell in love at first sight. I want to try again with Miyabi. This time, I want to be with you as the real me."

Blinded by money, status, and the glamorous world, I was embraced by "fakes."

If so, will I be able to embrace the “real” Nagayama man in front of me again?

In front of Ryo Nagayama, who seemed like a different person, I just stood there.

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