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PS3 / Xbox 360 game review "Bioshock 2"-GAME Watch

 Finally, the FPS "BioShock 2" for PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 has been released. In this article, I would like to introduce the game with screenshots in the middle of the game, in a form that goes further than the first impression.

 The appeal of "BioShock 2" is that the player can play as "Big Daddy", the most powerful being that symbolizes this work. As the "most dangerous one-man army" equipped with various supernatural powers and various weapons, it can become a presence that can repel any enemy depending on the ingenuity of the player. Interestingly, the one he protects is a fragile "little sister" who looks like a girl.

 In the previous first impression, we introduced that the theme was the "bond" between the player, Big Daddy "Delta", and his partner's little sister, "Eleanor". As you go along, you will understand that it is a game with the theme of "family love".

 Rapture's new ruler, the female scientist Dr. Lamb, also loves Eleanor as a mother, and for that reason desperately resists to avoid being taken by the player. Her gruesome and radical field tends to catch your eye, but please also pay attention to the "family image" that the characters are sorrowfully pursuing. It is a work that combines high gameplay and deep story.

■ The battle of Big Daddy "Delta" who was resurrected from the dead in search of his stolen daughter

Ram talks to me at every opportunity. Her words sound like she's trying not to take her daughter
< small> Little Sister's smile that floats right next to Big Daddy's collapsed body. The sadness of running a program
The powerful Big Sister. Her secret is also revealed in the story

 A super-technical undersea city created by those who have escaped existing concepts such as politics and religion. Rapture. In 1960, the city was thought to have collapsed due to the rampage of its inhabitants, but Rapture held his breath and waited for the time of its resurrection. Humans who have been caught in madness due to an overdose of "ADAM", a substance that enhances human potential, continue to wander the undersea city even after 10 years.

 The current Rapture has been remodeled into a "Little Sister" by girls kidnapped from shores around the world who can extract ADAM by extracting blood from corpses and drinking it. ” and has started activities again. The female scientist Tenenbaum, who once gave birth to the Little Sisters and released them with her remorse, learns that the nightmare that should have ended is being repeated by someone else, and she visits Rapture again.

 The player character wakes up at this time. He is a remodeled human called "Delta", one of the early types of "Big Daddy" created to protect the Little Sisters. Ten years ago, Delta was separated from her little sister, Eleanor, and died. After 10 years, he makes a mysterious comeback. Eleanor's voice called out to Delta, who had regained consciousness. The player becomes Big Daddy Delta and begins activities guided by Eleanor's voice.

 The first thing the player wakes up in is "Adonis Luxury Resort". It used to be a place where you could enjoy leisure activities such as swimming pools on the sea floor, but now it has been tragically destroyed. The player learns about Eleanor's awakening and provides various support, and "Dr. Ram", who stole his daughter 10 years ago, has become the current ruler of Rapture. to know. In this stage, a female enemy "Big Sister" who is dressed in a diving suit like Big Daddy will attack. Players will fight with super powers and weapons called plasmids given by Eleanor.

 The player then proceeds to "Atlantic Express" and "Ryan Amusement Park". In the game part, you will learn how to fight Big Daddy to free the Little Sisters and how to watch the series of "work" in which the Little Sisters extract blood from corpses and drink it to purify ADAM. While learning the basic rules of the game, you will be forced to make important decisions. The decision is whether to "rescue" the little sister and return her to a normal girl, or "exploit" the sea slug from her body in order to obtain a large amount of ADAM.

 In the previous work, this choice had a big impact on the ending. This work is also deeply involved in the story. In addition, in this work, you will be forced to make decisions in the story in several scenes. This work, "Bioshock 2", has more fun than the previous work in this story choice. Underlying the question is "Is Delta a puppet following a program, or a human being?"

 Dr. Ram, the mastermind, talks to Delta, the player, over the radio many times. "What you want for Eleanor is nothing more than a program." It is true that Big Daddy and Little Sister are a program created for collecting ADAM, and the father-daughter relationship is nothing more than a scientist-enforced lie. The fact that they are pitiful beings manipulated by programs is something that the players themselves see time and time again. The moment the Guardian Big Daddy collapses, the Little Sister cries sadly, but she forgets all her memories before the moment she finds a "new Guardian" named Player and smiles.

 The little sisters have no individuality and speak the same language. Is it programmatic that the player wants Eleanor, just as they are puppets of the program? The player himself should become Delta and ask himself many questions as he advances the story. The player will see Ram's way of life and episodes about Eleanor and himself in this work. The developer asks the player whether the player will empathize with the story and what decisions will be made as a result. How the player answers this question determines how the game unfolds.

 In addition to the story, it is also worth noting that while continuing the theme from the previous work of "a collapsed undersea paradise", the world view is further explored. The "rivet gun" used by the player can be seen in the scene where Big Daddy repairs Rapture on the bottom of the sea before that, and you can see why Big Daddy is wearing a diving suit. Rapture has been around for 10 years because of these modified humans for work. Since the player himself is also a big daddy, there are scenes where he goes out of the airlock and goes underwater. It's also fun to see the sea slugs that led to the discovery of ADAM living there.

 In addition, the voice recorder production that was popular in "Bioshock" has been inherited. Voice recorders are placed in various places in the facility, and the past of the residents and the state of the collapsed Rapture are recorded in detail, and the player learns the situation before the collapse through the recorded voices. I was able to In this work, you can also know the changes in 10 years, such as Ram heading for the ruler and suspicion of Ryan, the founder of Rapture. There is also a relationship with the previous work, and there are many very interesting tricks for those who like Rapture.

 In this work, the "Atlantic Express", which many people seem to have used to move between buildings, also appears. It makes me think of the time when it was properly used with a structure like a cable car. The previous work rather emphasized the aspect of a "research facility" and "a place for artists to present", but in this work, the facility "Ryan Amusement Park" to emphasize Ryan's charisma to visitors , and focused on the expression of “Rapture as a place to live” rather than “Bowper Drop”, a city where security was not very good. It may be that people who have lost their balance due to overdose of ADAM have become unable to create new things. Anyway, first of all, I want you to enjoy the fact that more colorful Raptures are drawn.

< td>
Left Big Daddy and Little Sister. The voice of the happy little sister is still eerie. The center is an underwater scene. The one on the right is a gift from Eleanor. Eleanor herself only speaks telepathically. How are you helping the player?
Big Daddy Delta regains consciousness and begins his search for Rapture from the Baths of Adonis
Atlantic Express to other areas. Here we hear the voice of Tenenbaum and his later supporter Sinclair
< /td>
Ryan amusement park for propaganda purposes. A full-fledged confrontation with the Big Sister at the end of this stage

■ Weapons and plasmids Fight together! The fun of exploring your own approach

Stop movement with an electrobolt and fire an attack.
Various things you can buy with Adam special ability.
Ice driller tonic If you have it, you can freeze enemies and drill them.

 Big Daddy Delta uses a variety of weapons and plasmids. The previous work "Bioshock" was not a simple FPS fighting only with guns, but presented a new way of fighting "a combination of weapons and supernatural powers" and received applause. Of course, the gameplay is inherited in this work as well. We will face various situations with more unique weapons, plasmids.

 First of all, the weapons are the "rivet gun" that can be used like a single-shot pistol, the easy-to-use "machine gun", the "shotgun" that is effective in close combat, and the "speargun" that can be used like a sniper rifle for excellent long-range attacks. , There is a "Grenade Launcher" that can fire various warheads, a "Hacking Gun" that can hack from a distance, and a weapon that symbolizes Big Daddy, the "Drill".

 A variety of ammunition is available for these weapons. The rivet gun has a bullet called "trap rivet" that jumps up from the ground and pierces the enemy. The speargun also has a special harpoon that stretches wires around, and you can use it as a trap by installing these. In addition, the hacking gun's "mini-turret" can be used as a fixed turret that can be placed on the ground. In this work, there are many situations where you wait for the enemy, such as when Splicers rush at Ram's orders, Little Sister's escort, and the enemy's Big Daddy. With these weapons, the place where the player is is turned into a "fortress" and intercepted.

 The use of plasmids is also important. Even enemies that feel strong in the early stages can be easily defeated by stopping their movement with "Electrobolt" and adding an attack. "Hornet" is a plasmid that summons bees, and enemies who are attacked by a swarm of bees are immobilized. It's especially effective against fast-moving midfield Splicers. "Inferno", which emits flames that melt ice, and "Telekinesis", which attracts objects, are also effective when taking items.

 The enemy AI is smarter in this game. That's why "Hypnosis", which makes them fight each other, is a reliable ability. Most of the plasmids are inherited from the previous work. It can be said that this is a work that fulfills the wishes of the players of the previous work, "I wanted to fight using plasmids more and more."

 Upgrading the plasmid will make it a more powerful technique. Electrobolt and Inferno can use powerful techniques that involve many enemies, and hypnosis makes enemies allies for a certain period of time. If you strengthen your hypnosis, you can draw even Big Daddy to your side. You can also add attributes to the "Cyclone Trap" that can be used as a trap. A new plasmid is the 'Ghost', which allows you to become an invisible entity and reconnoiter. Ghosts can also be hacked when upgraded.

 In this work, many new abilities have been added to the "Tonic" that grants various characteristics. The "Ice Driller", which freezes enemies for a period of time, is quite powerful and can be used against strong enemies such as Big Sister and Big Daddy. There is also a tonic that repairs hacked enemies, and you can establish your own play style by choosing a tonic. In particular, drills can bounce off even projectiles if you choose a tonic and strengthen it, and you can also fight in a way that specializes in drill attacks.

 In order to prepare plasmids and tonics, a large amount of ADAM is required. ADAM is also required to unlock slots that allow you to equip many items at once. You can get a lot of ADAM by securing Little Sisters and having them collect ADAM. You can fight more efficiently by choosing based on your play style rather than taking them evenly.

 Compared to the previous work, the big difference is that in this work, "you can't go back to the stage". In the previous work, you could save the tough battle with Big Daddy until the second half when the characters became stronger, and fight them all together later, but in this work, you have to decide whether to fight before going to the next stage due to the story. not. Inevitably, you have to compete with Big Daddy with the ammunition and plasmids you have on hand, and you have to protect Little Sister, and this specification increases the difficulty of the game.

However, as you get used to the game, it's fun to come up with your own ingenuity and play style. Balance also changes when you understand the trick. This time, after clearing it once, I loaded the save data and restarted several stages, but I thought, "Is it so smooth?" By getting used to the game and trying different approaches, the player will become more and more proficient in fighting. I would like you to experience the battle of the "Bioshock" series, which is very different from the FPS where you just hide and shoot.

< td>Trap bolt, decoy. On the right is the scene where you get the tonic. Some can be obtained on maps without consuming Adam< /tr>
From left , Hornet, Hypnosis, Cyclone Trap. Plasmids can be more effective when powered up.
Left is a mini turret. The center is the weapon selection screen that appears by holding down the weapon selection button. The game is paused while this screen is displayed.
The little sister guard is a scene where the player's technique is tested. It's fun to fight on favorable terrain or try out various tactics

■ The theme of this work asks "love for family". The result of the player's choice that can be seen at the end of the increasingly harsh battle

Grace and Face-to-face.
Huge and light Brute Splicer to fly to. It has high durability and is a formidable enemy
Where Grace and Eleanor lived . Is it because Grace cares so much about her that she has escaped destruction? let's go Strange Splicers praying to the Little Sisters appear in front of Delta as they leave Ryan Amusement Park. Rapture, who should have denied religion, is beginning to be affected by a religious view that worships the Little Sister.

 This "Bowper Drop" is said to be the most unsafe area in Rapture. There are various shops such as restaurants, shops, pawnshops, and condominiums, but compared to the area so far, it seems somewhat cheap. This area is ruled by an old woman called Grace Holloway, who denounces Delta as a "kidnapper" and sends Splicers to her. Grace used to be Eleanor's nanny, but Eleanor is gone. He believes that Delta has stolen her.

In the Bowper Drop, a powerful enemy with a huge body and overwhelming power awaits, the "Brute Splicer". Throws random objects and shoulder charges to blow the player away. It is an enemy that you want to avoid a head-on fight and defeat with your hands, such as shifting the attack target with a plasmid decoy, stopping movement with a hornet, and hitting other enemies with hypnosis.

 Grace has the key to the gate leading to the next town. She must take her key away from her to proceed. Grace, who believes that she stole Eleanor from herself, repeatedly provokes Splicer. However, when you see the voice recorder that has fallen on the way and the environment where Eleanor grew up, it becomes clear that Grace really loved Eleanor. And she herself knows that it was not Delta who took Eleanor from her, but Eleanor's mother, Dr. Ram... She tried to think of Big Daddy as evil because she could not go against Ram, the ruler.

 At the end of the Bowper Drop, the player reaches Grace's private room. There's a lot to sympathize with, but she's tried multiple times to kill the player herself. Defeat her or leave her alone, the player must make a decision here. It will be interesting to see how this decision affects the story.

 The player who escaped the Bowper Drop is suddenly attacked by a torpedo. The torpedo was fired by a man calling himself "Father Wales". Originally an architect, he became a fanatical admirer of Dr. Ram, and together with his younger brother set up traps for Delta. Players face off against them in Siren Street.

 A new appearance here is the "Spider Splicer", a splicer that sticks to walls and ceilings, moves, and throws claw-type blades. He fights in an atrium, and there are spaces above and below, so he attacks from unexpected places once out of the player's field of vision. It is an inevitable formidable enemy that deals great damage when approached. Furthermore, the compound attack of Brute Splicer will catch up with the player.

 Siren Street is a red-light district, and the wreckage of gorgeous neon lights illuminate the town, and there are places that make you think of a brothel. By the way, Father Wales seems to have been one of the men who caused the collapse of Rapture to become addicted to religion. One of the altars worshiped by Father Wales has a picture of a plane sinking in the Atlantic Ocean. This picture is the opening of the previous work. Father Wales seems to worship the hero of the previous work as a god. It is a scene that makes fans from the previous work grin.

 After this, the battle of Big Daddy Delta will become even more severe. Can we meet again with Eleanor, how will the confrontation with Ram go, what will happen to Rapture, and what will happen to Delta, the player? The story gets bigger and bigger. The key word here is "family". Father Wales and Grace also talk about family as their admiration. What was the thing they really wanted, the player will think about the theme while advancing the story.

 Of course, the density of the game elements will be increased. More powerful plasmids, tonics that strengthen the way you fight, weapons that change their character as a result of strengthening, how to fight stronger enemies, you can enjoy a strategic fighting style that will excite core game fans. . Even if you clear it once, there is a game that makes you want to challenge with a power-up that changes the direction. You should be able to discover new fun again by changing your approach.

 Because it was before the release, I was only able to experience it during the first impression, but I'm looking forward to multiplayer. How will the player characters take in ADAM and how will they change? I want to enjoy this game element along with single play. Overseas, distribution of download content that powers up multiplayer has also been announced, and future announcements in Japan are also worrisome.

< /tr>
The safest Bowper drop that is said to have been bad.
Various views of Bowper Drop. It is a place where you can feel the "commoner" smell even though it is in Rapture. The upper right is a scene of shooting a splicer with a camera that was in a pawn shop.
On Siren Street. The sudden welcome of torpedoes, the appearance of the landscape painting from the previous work, and the gunfight between Big Daddy and Splicer in a gorgeous city continue with a strong scene
< /td>
On the left is a questionable room.

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