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Review "Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition"

Review "Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition"


Finally air race implementation!And the day when I can fly with Super Hornet and helicopter has arrived

November 16, 2021 23:00

【Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition】
開発・発売元:Microsoft/ASOBO Studio

 The first impression this time is about a year after the release, and the "Game of the Yer Edition (GOTY Edition)", a large free update of "Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS)", which has been steadily evolving.

 "MSFS" was released for Windows10 in August 2020, but after Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, the Dutch, Denmark, Denmark, Sweden, Norweg, Finnish, Iceland, Germany.Updated urban bases such as Austria and Switzerland, which made me fly in a wonderful and beautiful visual.

【Microsoft Flight Simulator】「MSFS」の進化が止まらない!

 Roughly, let's review "Microsoft Flight Simulator".This "MSFS" is a PC aircraft simulator that has been made on a PC since 1982.Each time the release is repeated, the simulation level and visual evolution of the aircraft are tremendous, and the latest photoristic description in the latest MSFS is a breathtaking beauty, and it is a very fun experience just by flying.You can get it.

 Since July 2021, it has been released on the home game console Xbox Series X | S and has become a big topic.Although it is a home machine, the visuals are comparable to the PC, and it is a very attractive content that you can easily fly from reciprocating machine to jet with a controller that matches your hand.

【Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Yer Edition】スーパーホーネットが目玉の5つの新機体とハンドメイドの空港545ものアメリカの空港が更新されましたきれいな景色が楽しめるディスカバリーフライトも6つ追加各エディションによるコンテンツの違い

 And this time, a free update will be provided as "GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION".In this GOTY edition, the first official fighter "F/A 18E Super Hornet" is implemented, and the aircraft such as "Volocity" of EVTOL (electric vertical detached landing aircraft), and Germany "Leipzig Halle Airport", Switzerland "Zurich Airport".・ In the United States, such as the Patrick Space Army Base, new missions and tutorials, updates the weather system, early access to the DirectX12 version, and support for MOD developers.

【Microsoft Flight Simulator Announcing the Game of the Year Edition】【Microsoft Flight Simulator Reno Air Races Full Collection】

 今回GOTYエディションのプreviewが許可されました。VTOL機やスーパーホーネット、なによりエア レースの実装が皆さん気になるところだと思いますし筆者ももちろん楽しみでしたのでさっそく飛んでみたいと思います。なお、今回のプreviewはXbox Series X上でのレポートです。正式にリリースされるものと違う場合がありますことをご了承ください。

With the addition of helicopters, the dream of getting off anywhere and enjoying the scenery is finally realized!

 From the time of the appearance of "MSFS", "aircraft that can go down anywhere without a runway" ... In other words, the appearance of "helicopter" was desired.Any player who showed such a photoristic visuals may think so.Originally, the aircraft called "Icon A5", which can be taken off and off and land, was included, but a vast area for both land and water was needed to speed up.


 Volocopter's "Volocity", which was added in the GOTY edition, is a "VTOL (vertical removal and landing)" machine, and can take off and land vertically from the place without the need for a runway.This "Volocity" is strictly not a so -called helicopter, but a short -range transport aircraft that can carry people with a multicopter with 18 relatively small rotors (rotating wings).Currently, the actual machine is being tested to expand the aerial taxi service business.


 This aircraft is "E" because it is an EVTOL machine.This is a short -range aircraft used in the news of the news in the news of electricity in the news.This time, let's check if you can actually get off anywhere.When such an experimental aircraft appears in MSFS, it seems that it is steadily progressing to the implementation of a helicopter announced in 2022 and it is exciting.

 And the operation method of this huge drone multicopter machine is also special.Rising and descending with throttle control, when the stick is defeated sideways, the slide in the direction, rotating on the spot with an LR trigger, hovering, and hovering ...I am.Strictly speaking, it is not a drone (unmanned aircraft) because people ride, but if you can control it yourself, the mysterious feeling seems to be very fun.


 In fact, I don't think it is allowed to fly at such altitude and short distances, but this is a great feeling that it will be a wonderful vehicle ... MSFS is very fun to fly freely!If it is realized in the future, it will make you want to use it once.And the implementation of this aircraft revealed that you can hover and get off anywhere.After the official release, SNS was one of the pleasures, such as whether landing videos and images would overflow.


「Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition」review

Don't miss the addition of Boeing F/A 18E Super Hornet!

 Originally, the movie "Top Gun Marvelick" should have been released at this time, but it was postponed to May 2022.Collaboration is also scheduled for "MSFS", and the "Boeing F/A 18E Super Hornet" on which the leading Tom Cruise (Call Sign: Marvelick) is on board is to be implemented.However, once it was on hold, a normal painted military aircraft version Super Hornet was implemented.I thought it would be a nice surprise because I thought it would be a deposit until the movie was released.

 リアルなフライトシミュレーターといえども、やはり「戦闘機に乗って空を飛びたい!」と思うのは抗いようのない事実ではないでしょうか。ビデオゲームに登場する戦闘機は扱いも簡単で弾数無制限のミサイルをバンバン放ち、敵を撃墜しまくれるわけですが、「MSFS」で格納庫に収まる様子を眺めていると実際には飛ばすこともままならない“戦闘マシーン”だということがヒシヒシと伝わってきます。しかしながら今回reviewに使用しているXbox Series X|Sの標準コントローラーでさくっと飛べてしまうのは素晴らしい経験です。

【ボーイング F/A 18E スーパーホーネット】か……かっこいいこれまでに有料DLCで戦闘機はありましたが、アップデートでの戦闘機の追加は初となります美しくも迫力のある機体もちろん翼端にミサイルはありません

 Let's fly immediately.The stage is New York, USA.What I think immediately after flying is the difference in speed.Super Hornet, which is faster than any aircraft that has been skipped with "MSFS", is transmitted from the screen, so you can clearly see that it is different.Therefore, a very wide turning radius is required, and it is necessary not only for the left and right but also on the top and bottom, so it is necessary to predict a broader perspective and the flight route.It is very difficult because if you turn with your usual sense, you will miss the destination or crash.

【「MSFS GOTYエディション」ボーイング F/A 18E スーパーホーネット】圧倒的なパワーと性能!

The long -awaited air race is realized!It can be awkward to the incredibly stoic content

 And this is a paid DLC, but "Reno Air Race" has been implemented.This air racing is a real -existing competition that reproduces the oldest air racing held every September at Rino Steaded Airport in Nevada, Nevada, USA.

【リノ エア レース】拡張パック機体などのフルコレクションこれを待ってました!

 From the Japanese perspective, the "Red Bull Air Race" held in Makuhari, Chiba and Makuhari would come to mind.This is to compete for the time while incorporating the acrobatic maneuver at the venue, but in the "Rino Aer Race", it is an oval course that draws an elliptical orbital.

【リノ エア レースのルール】機種によってクラス分けされ、ルートが異なってきます

 Overval racing is flourished in the United States, and it is also incorporated in automotive races such as indie and eggplant."Oval just goes around the same place, isn't it?" It is true that it is true, but in fact there is no such thing, and the road conditions are different, strategies, and bargain ...… It is a stoic race format where advanced strategies are required in that round.

 Oval racing, where racing is held at a very high speed by cars, requires advanced driving techniques in proportion to it, but it is possible to stabilize the body by sticking to the road surface.However, when it comes to air racing, the aircraft cannot be deposited somewhere, and the number of dimensions increases.Furthermore, the speed and G (gravity acceleration) are also different, so it is a sport in an area that we do not easily experience.


 There are four types of aircraft that can be used in "MSFS" air racing.A wide range of models, from multi -leaves to jet machines, can be seen immediately by skipping each aircraft characteristics.Double leaves with the lowest output look simple, but the lightness has the highest mobility and even if the left stick is lightly defeated, the roll speed will crash quickly.Conversely, if it is a jet machine, the roll speed is loose, but the speed is high due to the high speed, so it does not bend.


 Let's fly quickly in the corner of the head!No, the reaction of the aircraft when the stick has already been defeated has enough athletic performance to think, "Is this a lace aircraft!?"Anyway, the movement is quick, and since it is a race, the basic throttle is fully open!To turn the airplane turn, defeat the control stick in the direction you want to go ... This is the basics, but in "MSFS", the aerodynamics are properly simulated, so the airflow flies in all directions depending on the airflow.


 If you roll the aircraft, it will tilt either in the heavens and earth, so it is best to return it to the horizontal to correct it.When flying, the penalty will be imposed if the default altitude is exceeded, so the control after rolling the aircraft is important.Basically, if you turn, you want to roll the aircraft, return it to horizontal as soon as you pass through the pylon and stabilize it, but it is difficult to return it horizontally!In places where the pylon is short, it may be better to fly with a slightly tilted aircraft while predicting the route ahead.

 The altitude of the flight is also very important, and the altitude limit is as described above, but even if it is too low, the ground looks flat and the ground looks flat, but there are places like hills, and there is a high mobility of the aircraft.If you fly at a low altitude, there are many cases where it collides on the ground quickly.Clear the pylon with high altitude while operating the stick carefully, and the race to the next pylon is stoic anyway!You'll remember that you had a breath when you were able to go one lap safely.It can be said that the simulator -based "game" has been completed.


 なお、この「リノ エア レース」はマルチプレイヤーで飛ぶことができるのですが今回のプreviewではマッチングできなかったり落ちたりということがありましたので割愛させていただきます。一人で行うタイムトライアルではゴーストが出てきますのでライバル心メラメラで競い合えます。正式リリース以降はマルチが正常に遊べると思いますのでぜひ楽しみにお待ち下さい!

【「MSFS GOTYエディション」エアレース】ついにエア レースが実装! 「MSFS」が“ゲーム”として楽しめる

Introducing some elements added in the GOTY edition

 Finally, I would like to introduce the GOTY edition content together.First, a landing challenge using F/A 18E Super Hornet is installed on the home menu.It is very difficult because the aircraft is quick and high power.Bringing a landing challenge that is worth the challenge, it is like a challenge from developers, "Is it difficult?"

【スーパーホーネット ランディングチャレンジ】なんてことのないコースに見えますが……機体性能が高いのでとても難しくなっています

 A new airport has been added in the GOTY edition.The Miramar Marine Air Base is also a stage where the top guns are trained at this base in the movie "Top Gun", so it may be a nice update or added to fans.At the moment, the F-14 Tom Cat is not officially recorded, but I would like to expect future collaboration.

【更新された空港】ドイツ:ライプツィヒ・ハレ空港 (EDDP):主に貨物空輸を担う空港スイス:ルガーノ・アーニョ空港 (LSZA):山と湖にかこまれた美しいロケーションの空港アメリカ:パトリック宇宙軍基地 (KCOF):フロリダにあるアメリカ宇宙軍の基地アメリカ:ミラマー海兵隊航空基地 (KNKX):アメリカ西海岸にあるトップガン達の訓練施設として有名

V has been added to the Discovery Flight that can be used for sightseeing.Here are three of them.You can all enjoy beautiful scenery.


After the first impression of "Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition"

 Anyway, I was surprised that the evolution of "MSFS" continues to spread rather than stopped.The vertical release of multicopter has provided a new dimension of enjoying, and I think that adding a fighter will be irresistible for airplanes.If military aircraft are OK, you expect military helicopters such as apaches.What a wonderful update will be made for free ... I'm glad I had "MSFS"!And I'm impressed.

【Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition】VTOL機の登場は新たな時代の到来を感じさせるF-14トムキャットもぜひ!

 Although it was a paid, it was a good content that "MSFS" has evolved into a really fun content in the implementation of the air race.Based on the simulator, the evolution that seems to have become a game beyond that is an evolution, stoic maneuvering technique and races that require Gaman will help you to grab the pilot's heart.The air racing in Reno was oval, but if there is a future expansion, I would like to see an acrobatic air race like "Red Bull Air Race".

【リノ エア レースは「MSFS」に新しい楽しみをもたらす】「MSFS」がゲームになった!Amazon/楽天で購入:

© 2020 Microsoft Corporation

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