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In order to decarbonize society. What is Panasonic's regional cycle starting from the solar garage? [PR] | @ DIME Artedim

Japan currently emits more than 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases a year. By 2050, efforts to reduce it to zero have begun.

[reference] decarbonization Portal-Ministry of Environment | National efforts

The contribution of the region is indispensable in this work. In order to achieve this goal, the Ministry of the Environment began to provide subsidies in 2020 to promote solar power generation.

[reference] active use of PPA, etc., by reducing the price of re-energy, etc., to strengthen and promote the cause of regional re-energy recovery (part of the joint cause of the Ministry of General Affairs, economy, Industry and Industry) | Ministry of Environment

Panasonic is working with power companies and enterprises in the region to promote the regional cycle in order to achieve a decarbonized society. Let me introduce that example.

Decarbonization promoted in Okinawa

First of all, it introduces the measures to improve energy self-sufficiency by using sunlight and wind power in Miyako Island, Okinawa Prefecture.

As an isolated island, Miyako Island has always had problems such as water resources in the past. The geology of the island comes from coral reefs, so Rain Water can easily seep into the ground and does not flow through the rivers on the island.

The thriving agricultural island of Miyako has been struggling with repeated water shortages every year. Through this experience, islanders' awareness of natural resources has become very high.

In addition, fossil fuel reserves for power generation are also an important challenge. Focus on solar and wind power to help avoid electricity tariff fluctuations caused by external factors such as rising prices. Aiming at the stability control of solar power generation system and wind power generation system such as ecological loveliness and storage battery, the empirical experiment is still going on.

For example, take the municipal residence in Miyakoshima City as the object, and set solar panels on the roof.

The outdoor setting is ecologically lovely, with a view to stable control of electricity. Panasonic agrees to promote these renewable energies. Promote the cause in various forms.

[reference] to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050-Miyako Island challenges local energy consumption-| Channel Panasonic-Official

In addition, Panasonic also assisted in the service of karuu-fu, the local favorite Okinawa power group in the name of "Okinawa".

"Karu-fu" is a user of Okinawa Electric Power and contract, and the Okinawa New Energy Development Group of the company installs solar power generation equipment and batteries for free to supply electricity. As of early December 2021, the 2022 service diagnosis application is in progress.

[reference] Okinawa Power Group / Okinawa Power Group

Start with the solar garage in Doji City, Gifu Prefecture.

Moreover, the corporate activities of Duozhi City, Gifu Prefecture have attracted the attention of the national autonomous body.

I think we all know that Duozhi is a city famous for its Meinung roasting. In addition, on August 16, 2007, it was also a very hot city, setting 40.9 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature in the history of domestic observation for the first time in 74 years. Moreover, the annual precipitation is less than 2000 mm, which is also a city with more sunny days.

The young industrialist based on Doji City, which has this characteristic, is Kenzo Isozaki, chairman of Enefant Co., Ltd.

Enephant, an electricity retail company, is also the operating parent of Deep Tide Electric Power of the region.

Underground Power is a regional energy venture capital company. The renewable energy produced by Duozhi City, for the purpose of consumption in Duozhi City, delivers electricity to users with the help of the power transmission line of Central China.

Solar power is used to generate such renewable energy, but power generation panels are needed. Electric power, as its construction site, pays attention to the parking equipment of local enterprises. There is a solar garage with car charging equipment and solar chargers. Then, let them use the percolation electricity to distribute the electricity.

The electricity generated by solar energy in this solar garage can be used by users themselves. In addition, as a battery that can also use electricity, Hemorrhage Power also provides the service of leasing second-hand Nissan leaves.

In addition, electricity and maintenance are free for 20 years, and the Frierney system can be used for only 3270 yen a month to provide services to "free energy houses" and the use of "work CAR" for commuting EV, so as to enrich the lives of people who see the city through electricity. Enerphant provides a variety of services.

Panasonic supports the activities of the president of Izaki, which is struggling in Doji City. We are helping to promote efforts for a decarbonized society in the region.

Decarbonization Society created by EV and conversion EV

A new initiative that accelerated the ideas of the local love-filled president of Izaki began in November 2021.

脱炭素社会のために…パナソニックがソーラーガレージから始める地域循環とは?【PR】|@DIME アットダイム

We are beginning to provide renewable energy next-generation charging infrastructure "E-Cube" and multi-mobility services.

"E-Cube" is the integration of electric mobility and solar power generation system. Toyota's electric car, the C+Pod, is used as an EV market share and its design does not require a building license.

If the self-sufficient type is equipped with a battery to store the generated electricity, because there is no need to connect to the power of the system, it can be installed in different places and does not require construction, because the container type is packaged independently, assembling in about 2 hours.

All of you in the following photos, such as "E-Cube" and the launch of the conversion EV introduced later, agree with President Isozaki's idea and are committed to the decarbonization of the city and the regional cycle.

From left, Mr. Hiroji Nishikawa, sales Department of Intelligent Energy, Marketing headquarters of Panasonic Electric Co., Ltd., Mr. Kondo Kondo, Chairman of AZAPA Co., Ltd., Mr. Kenzo Isozaki, Chairman of Enefent Co., Ltd., Mr. Yoya Mitian, Chairman of Mitian Motor Co., Ltd., Mr. Yu Chong, Executive Director of SB Technology Co., Ltd., Deputy Enterprise Co., Ltd., and Mr. CEO Kudo, Chairman of OpenSteet Co., Ltd.

"C+Pod", which is used as a shared EV, is usually used as an official car for Duozhi City, sharing the rest of its time with the car. Fully recharge for about 6 hours.

Of course, it is also possible to imagine that the weather is not good enough to recharge the car. In this case, there is no car sharing, waiting for the recovery of solar power generation capacity to prepare for charging.

Car sharing uses the SB technology system of Softbank Corp. Group to view driving information and battery data in real time to realize the visualization of carbon dioxide reduction.

Using OpenStreet's "HELLO SCOOTER" (HELLO SCOOTER), the app has extensive experience in developing and providing micro-mobility (bicycles and scooters), parking sharing services and IoT devices.

If you use the application on a smartphone, etc., you can confirm the current condition of the rental vehicle.

Operations such as the selection of toll plans can be carried out.

In addition, after the booking is completed and the vehicle is ready, you can lock / unlock the EV "C+Pod" door lock on the application.

Take your smartphone to the car and press the blue "POWER" button while pressing the brake pedal. It does not need to be difficult to operate, and it is also the charm.

In addition, the next-generation charging infrastructure "E-Cube" can also provide shared cycles. The sharing cycle here can be set separately with "E-Cube". There are already 90 aircraft in 14 places in the city, which is very popular as a mobile foot for citizens.

EV and electric power bicycle sharing service are temporarily located at the north and south entrance of Duozhi station and run as a pre-service. Moreover, it is expected to be officially launched this year.

Converting EV to promote the Popularization of Electric vehicles

While promoting the sharing of EV and bicycles with electric power, in order to promote the popularity of EV, the experiment of introducing "conversion EV" is also being carried out.

Conversion EV refers to changing a car with an engine to a motor drive. Led by Enerfant, AZAPA, Mitian Motors, Panasonic and other companies jointly carry out. Starting from November 2021, Duozhi City began to conduct this demonstration experiment in order to reduce the introduction cost of EV and contribute to the decarbonization work in the region.

The transformation of the conversion EV, headquartered in Nagoya, is mainly carried out by AZAPA (AZAPA), which is engaged in automotive engineering services, and Mitian Motor Company, an automobile maintenance company located in Doji City.

AZAPA, which has an in-depth understanding of EV, provides the design and electronic control system for converting EV. Mitian Motor is responsible for the actual process of transformation, changing commercial trucks and light trucks and other gasoline-powered locomotives sold in the market to EV.

For example, remove the front engine of the light commercial truck, install the port for charging and so on.

A number of commercially available portable batteries are installed on part of the loading platform to reduce costs.

In addition, the rear axle is removed and a drive unit, including a motor, is provided.

In addition to the commercial van type, there are also truck types online.

The conversion EV costs about 3.5 million yen, including fare. AZAPA's Kondo said he hopes to buy and convert EV at a price of about 1 million yen in the future. Hope to reduce the cost through mass sale in the future.

Panasonic believes that the role of regions in decarbonization society

Panasonic supports decarbonization efforts in several regions, including Okinawa and Doji.

Hongji Nishikawa, sales Department of Intelligent Energy, Marketing headquarters of Panasonic Electric Co., Ltd., said: "the effort in Okinawa is part of a paradigm shift to power renewable energy. In addition, the multi-governance efforts, enterprises rooted in Enerphant are promoting decarbonization on their own. I think this is a unique place. Many companies such as SB Technology, OpenSteet, AZAPA, Mitsubishi Motors and Panasonic share the same feeling and support. The trend of regional decarbonization is to pay attention to how to accept subsidies from the state, which is easy to delay the practice. The work of multi-governance has also been supported by the administration, with citizens taking the lead in the smart use of electricity combined with solar garages, EV conversion, cycle sharing, and so on. Okinawa, whether it is multi-governance, to change the way of life to a decarbonized society, citizens accept as their own things, positive action is great. I think it is a duty imposed by Panasonic to support this environment. "

Will the "multi-governance model" be carried out in other areas in the future? On this point, Mr. Nishikawa also left words of expectation: "there are many consultations, and a multi-governance model may be launched in various regions in the future."

Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 are national goals. At first glance, this may seem like an empty goal, but in fact it may be an important agreement to support our future life.

Will Panasonic's regional cycle from the solar garage become the foundation of our lives in the near future? I will continue to follow the future activities of the company.

[reference] Panasonic solution

Interview article / Zhong Ma Qianhong

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