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How to draw a "storage map" that controls the kitchen storage? | Mynavi News Mynavi News Mynavi

In the two times so far, we have explained the "ingredients storage" and "tableware storage" in the kitchen.

But there are still many things in the kitchen.Cooking appliances such as pots, frying pans, balls and peelers, and blenders.From the items used for making lunches / sweets to make sweets, to replacing the ventilation fan filter with cleaning tools.

It is natural that "bugs" are more likely to occur because there are so many different items in a space that is larger than the closet and is divided into smaller storage rooms.Even at the arrangement and storage site, there are a number of open sponge sets, "Is this so much ...?"Dari.That kind of house is everywhere.

So, how do you store and manage the items? What I practice on site is how to "capture things with katamari and map into the kitchen".

This time, I will explain how to do that.

STEP1: Make things in the same category into katamari

This time, we will review the cleaning with all items except ingredients and tableware.First of all, we will put out the things that are packed in storage and create a coarse mountain in the same category.Is the category like this?

[1] Cooking utensils hot pot / frying pan / zaru / bowl / fried return / chopsticks, etc.

[2] Cooking home appliance blender / food processor, etc.

[3] storage supplies laps / vinyl bags, etc.

[4] Cleaning / maintenance supplies cleaning tools / detergents / filters, etc.

[5] Event -based manufacturing -related lunches -related / sweets making related / visitors, etc.

In particular, regarding [3] [4] [5], it is often the case that the items are small or there is not much awareness of the "same category", and they are often separated here and there.The more you fall apart, the more you can't remember over time.So, please make a mountain with the intention of gathering, "Cleaning related is gathered here!" "Lunch -related is here!"

Oh yeah, the kitchen storage is packed with more things than you think, so if you try to finish this work only on the kitchen workbench or floor, the steps will soon disappear.。Use the dining table or the floor of the living room if necessary to divide the work.

From the back of the shelf or at the bottom of the drawer, it may gradually appear, "Wow, this was something" or "Oh, I forgot this", but within 5 seconds.Put only the things that you think "I will never use it anymore. Disposal!"At the first stage of this cleaning, if you are shaken by each thing, you will not have your body.Be careful.

STEP2: Make the size aligned and make it a katamari

Once a mountain in the category is created, we will summarize the small things in it so that they do not fall apart.Even if the category is organized, if the size is different, the small things will be buried when stored, so it will give you a feeling of catamy so that it does not happen.

The image is "Swimy".Will it be transmitted ...?

■ For a storage bag with a zipper, make it a katamari

I often use zip locks and IKEA freezer bags in the arrangement and storage sites.If you are going to buy it, please choose the size as large as possible.If the design is cute, you will want a small type, but be careful not to make a mistake.

For example, these things are useful, for example.

・ Sponge / Stock for cleaning ・ Lunch -making side dish cups ・ Various cookies for making sweets ・ Various cookies of cookies ・ Unused optional parts

Anyway, let's try to "make it small" and "make a rough big catamari".

■ Put it in a hand -handed stocker and make it a katamari

In addition, the categories that have few turns in their current life will be put together in one case in one case.Look over the pile of the category and think about how often you use.The criteria for the judgment are "use now (within 3 months)" "I use it but not now (within one year)".These items that are often classified as "not now" are these items of events.

・ Bento production set ・ Sweets making set ・ Discarded tableware set ・ Customer supplies

I want to make it OK if I use this case when I use it, so the storage case is large, and it is better to have a handle to make it easier to take out, but another important point that is not understood.there is.That is, "you can see the contents."If there is a translucent type, that is definitely recommended.

Most people will be in the state of "what did you put in?"Even if you label with "disposable tableware", the memory is ambiguous, "Is there a paper cup in that ...?"It may happen.If the contents are translucent and somehow visible, such loss will be easier to prevent.

If you want to buy it, I recommend Nitori's hanging cabinet stocker.

STEP3: Mapping the place and category to use

By the way, when the category and size are good, we will keep the feeling of catamarin while keeping the category.The important thing to avoid rebounding is to get as close as possible between the place to use and the place to use.The more you use it on a daily basis, the more important it is.

Here are some examples.

● Around the fire (near the stove)… Pot / frying pan ● Ripples of water (near the sink)… Zaru / Bowl, cleaning tools, laps / plastic bags ● Around of electricity (near the outlet)… Blender / Food processor / Food processor

The things used around the electricity are troublesome, no matter how good the place is, because it is troublesome to put out the preparation of "take out → connect the code → set", it is an impression that many people will not use it.It may be better to keep the things you use at all times, and keep things that are not.

What I listed above is the category that is clear wherever you use.The rest of the category should be the location according to the shape and size of your home kitchen.

"Cooking utensils" such as fries, chopsticks, peelers, and whisk are mixed around fire and water, so it is a good place to access them both.

In addition, "maintenance supplies" include various things, but it is better to match those that are frequently used.For example, the frequency of using a range hood filter, a pot cleaning agent, a fried oil coagulant, etc. is used, so the drainage net to be replaced on a daily basis should be stored around water.

In addition, the "not now" category is OK if it takes a lot of time to put it out as long as it is Katamari.

This time, I explained how to draw a storage map of the entire kitchen.Even if you don't remember each item, you can easily judge that if you have a sense of catamari, you have to say, "If you have it, you have to be there."The work of returning things is easier than you might imagine.

It is a voluminous task, but if you can see the path, it will always work.Please try it at the end of this year!

Next time, I will explain the clearing of the living room.

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