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[18 kitchen utensils that tend to accumulate] Explanation of things that advocates of elimination should throw away-Laurier Press

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Since you can immediately understand "You can throw it away", even Mr. Zubora can do it! How to get rid of things for the first time / A disgusting kitchen

People who have a house full of things aren't just not throwing things away. Therefore, it is important to take the action of “throwing away” first. Making arrangements only accelerates the troublesomeness, so it's okay to give up. I will throw it away anyway. Taking action is important for the first elimination! This time, we asked Hideko Yamashita, the representative of the general incorporated foundation “Danshuri (R)”, to teach us all 18 kitchen items that you can throw away.

☆TJ MOOK “Even Zubora can do it! Purchase the first elimination!

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The kitchen, which has become a den of things, is unusable and unclean!

In the kitchen, there are various items such as cooking utensils, tableware, storage containers, stock ingredients, and cleaning supplies. In the constant cycle of using, washing, and tidying up, it is a place where it is easy to get messy without tidying up properly. In addition, the number of items will increase steadily due to the word "time saving" and "convenience". We tend to rely on things to fulfill our desires such as "I want to be a good cook" and "I want to be a good wife and mother." Otherwise, it will end up being a waste of time and hassle. Cleaning is time-consuming and difficult to maintain.

It is also a feature of the kitchen that there are many storage goods. Let's quickly realize that increasing the number of storage goods in an attempt to neatly organize a lot of things is actually increasing the number of things. Even if you don't have storage goods, you can organize and know where everything is. That's a really beautiful and decluttered kitchen.

picture? Can you make delicious food here? Bad point □ Seasoning is left out □ Isn't it the Olympic cycle to use? Dishes for visitors □ Shopping bags How to do this? □ Stock items that can't be put away "A kitchen with no margins is a sign of rudeness!" (Mr. Hideko Yamashita)

Throw away all 18 items!

If it's a waste, don't take it! Disposable Cutlery

Don't you open the wet towels that you have set aside and dry to a crisp?

Are you accumulating unused towels and chopsticks from convenience stores and restaurants for takeout and delivery? These are things you don't really need at home. The more people who keep things in mind that they might use them someday, the more likely they are to receive new items when shopping. It is an excuse to keep this as "mottainai". Make it a new habit to avoid getting rejected first!

If it doesn't decrease, it's something you don't need Plastic bags/plastic bags

The number of plastic bags we use at home should be decreasing little by little now that we're all paying for them. Be careful of the mass of eco bags. Try to live with only 3 left. It's a lesson to know the right amount.

Are you still using deteriorated items? Storage containers

Plastic storage containers deteriorate over time. If the smell remains, the color is dull, or the item is severely scratched, dispose of it gracefully. If you want to leave it, use something that is easy to disinfect and does not deteriorate easily, such as enamel or glass. For short-term food storage, wrapping the dish is sufficient. The person there who washes and saves the jam jars he's finished eating, saying, "I can use them for something else." If you don't use it, you're just collecting garbage!

Safety is also a high risk! Missing tableware

Missing or cracked tableware should be discarded no matter how much you like it. Dishes with chips or cracks are not durable and are dangerous items that can break with a slight impact. If you use gifts and sleeping high-end tableware on a daily basis and dispose of the current daily tableware, your life will be upgraded at once. If you love a vessel that much, are you prepared to take care of it? If you find it difficult to throw away a piece of tableware that you are attached to, even if it is chipped, repair it properly. Kintsugi is representative of tableware repair. A traditional Japanese repair technique in which chipped or cracked parts are glued with lacquer and decorated with gold. The unique taste is added, and you should be more attached. Recently, kits for kintsugi are also on sale, and you can easily do it. If it's something you really don't want to throw away, take good care of it! Are you ready for that?

The reason why food waste stays? Triangular corner of the sink

Triangular corner on the sink. do you really need it? With triangular corners, you may be concerned about the smell of garbage, and it will spoil the cleanliness of your kitchen. Daily cleaning takes time and effort, and there is nothing good about it. It is hygienic to make a special plastic bag for food waste and put it in there and throw it away every time you finish cooking. The sink is clean and easy to clean. Every triangular corner is "garbage".

There are too many hands for one person! Kitchen Tools

Do you have too many tools for cooking, such as chopsticks, cooking spoons, and ladles? A typical household has at most three stoves. If you cook alone, you shouldn't need so much. You don't even need chopsticks for the pot, and it's better to wash them each time you use them so that your kitchen doesn't get cluttered. There are many, but if you only use one or two, you don't need anything else!

Eliminate unattractive things! Dishcloths that show conspicuous dirt

There are many cloth products in the kitchen, such as for wiping the table, wiping dishes, and wiping hands. Even if you wash it cleanly each time, if you repeat it, dirt and fraying will gradually become noticeable. Dispose of it if it becomes tattered or has noticeable stains. You can keep a clean kitchen by renewing the dish towel. If handling dish towels is troublesome, it is better to throw them away.

The vicious circle of waste. Is it really eco-friendly? Used storage bags

For people who carry too many sizes, one M size is enough

Zippered storage bags that are convenient for storing food, freezing, and simple cooking. It doesn't break after one use, so I've seen people wash it and reuse it, but it's filthy! In terms of ecology, after all, washing uses a lot of water, and it takes time and effort. Say goodbye to these nasty "Mottainai"!

This is the culprit behind increasing the number of things in the kitchen! Storage Baskets, Storage Cases

When you open the drawer, there are cases for sorting cutlery, storage baskets for storing ingredients, and so on. . The scary part of the kitchen is that it becomes a mess as a result of making full use of them and stuffing them. The first step is to reduce these storage items. For example, if we run out of sorting cases, we will try to reduce the amount of items that do not need to be sorted. The amount of things that can be grasped by oneself becomes clear to the extent that it can be understood without sorting them in a basket.

Paper plates and cups that have been opened

Paper plates and paper cups that can be said to represent when to use. do you really need it? "I have guests" and "I'm having a party" are common excuses. Think about it here. What will the invited guests think of the paper plates and paper cups? Do you have a chance to use it that much? Try throwing it away cleanly. you know you don't need it.

Decisively get rid of items that take up space! Drainer basket

Please try to live without a drainer basket. Instead, it is enough to lay out a cloth and dry the dishes there. What's more, by doing so, you will feel like "wipe and put away" the dishes that have been left unattended until then, and the house will be tidy. If you spread a cloth and put the dishes on it, you can use it as a work space when there is nothing to wash.

If you don't use it, it will be disposed of! More than enough chopsticks for the number of people

For a family of four, four sets of tableware and cutlery should be enough. However, for some reason, chopsticks feel like a lot in the house. Let's narrow it down to the number of people and dispose of it. It saves you the trouble of looking for it when you take it out. It is better to prepare high-quality disposable chopsticks for visitors every time, and customers should feel relieved in terms of hygiene.

If you can't handle it or it's hard to handle, get rid of it! Fossilized Cooking Appliances

Do you have cooking appliances such as mixers, blenders, home bakeries, etc. that you bought for convenience but you can't use them after all? I often hear people say that they bought a food processor thinking that it would save time for chopping, but after using it, it was troublesome to clean it, so they ended up returning to a knife and a cutting board. If you have a cooking appliance that you haven't used for a long time, take this opportunity to let it go.

Wall storage seems convenient, but it actually takes more time.Wall-mounted storage

If you attach nets or hooks to the wall, oil, water splashes, and dust tend to accumulate, which is not hygienic. Mr. Zubora tends to leave it out because it's convenient to have it there, but it's a vicious cycle that increases the hassle of cleaning. It's much easier and more convenient to reduce the number of things so that you don't have to hang them on the wall.

You are the main character rather than memories or the person who received it Gifts/gifts

If you have left it in the box for several years, use it now or throw it away!

Elimination is about judging things by "whether you need them or not", but if this standard shifts to someone other than yourself, it will be difficult to throw them away. The representative is a gift such as a gift. "I got it," "I wonder if I'll notice if it's not the next time I see him..." But I am the main character in this house. You should know you don't need it.

The person who really needs to be entertained is you every day. That's "mottainai"! For everyday meals, you have to treat yourself with your favorite tableware to make yourself feel better. The more important the tableware is, the more important it is to use it for everyday use, and you can also serve it to your customers. The tableware is also waiting for the place of activity.

Maybe not? Home appliances that are commonplace

Home appliances are commonplace. Consider whether this is really necessary. For example a rice cooker. Of course, it is necessary if kitchen work cannot be done without a rice cooker, such as a large family who cooks every day. It might be convenient. In the same way, think about the necessity and unnecessaryness of household appliances such as dishwashers and microwave ovens that are commonplace in any home.

The more shelves, the more things! Fine Shelves

The more shelves there are in cupboards, refrigerators, etc., the more things you can put on them, so the amount of things inevitably tends to increase. After throwing away the storage case, the next challenge is to pull out one of the cupboards and refrigerator shelves. Then you will find it easier to take things out from the back, and you will have more space and enjoy decorating the shelves.

This content is supervised by Mr. Hideko Yamashita, representative of the general incorporated foundation "Discontinuation (R)"

Mr. Hideko Yamashita, representative of the general incorporated foundation "Discontinuation (R)"

[PROFILE ] Representative of the general foundation “Destruction (R)” Inspired by the yoga philosophy of “Decision, Destruction, Departure” that I encountered when I was a student, I put “Destruction” into everyday “tidying up” Application advocacy. Build a “self-discovery method” that anyone can practice. Dismantling is positioned as a "action philosophy" that makes life function organically, and his proposal to promote new thoughts and actions while regenerating space has gained overwhelming support regardless of age, gender, or occupation. . A series of books including "Danshuri" is a million seller with a total of over 5 million copies in Japan and overseas. It has been translated into more than 20 languages ​​in Asian countries and European countries.

* “Danshuri” is a registered trademark of Hideko Yamashita and cannot be used commercially without permission.

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TJ MOOK “Even Zubora can do it! First time elimination” supervised by Hideko Yamashita

TJ MOOK “Even Zubora can do it! First elimination” supervised by Hideko Yamashita

Photography / Hiroshi Hayashi (person), Yuki Kina Editing and writing / Tomiko Fujita Illustration / Tamy

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