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Gadgets that are very active in remote work 2021ver. | Gizmodo Japan facebook Twitter Youtube RSS Facebook Twitter YouTube GIZMODO FUZE

I worked hard this year too.

In 2020, I think that many people rushed to buy gadgets to match the sudden wave of remote work, but this year, the second year of the corona disaster, the lineup has been further brushed up. Could you have built a workspace with

What kind of items did writers who can be called “remote work professionals” purchase this year? I asked about the products for remote work that I'm glad I bought this year.

LG 23.8-inch WQHD monitor

Is this the best size for work?

Recently, I don't get excited when I'm in the study. So, I often work at a sub-desk in another room, but the MacBook Pro's screen is narrow and small, and the angle I look at it makes my shoulders stiff. So I bought an LG 23.8-inch WQHD monitor.

[ Limited] LG Frameless Monitor Display 24QP500-B 23.8 inches / WQHD (2560 x 1440) / IPS Matte / HDR / FreeSync / 75Hz / HDMI x 2, DP

24,120 yen

Isn't 4K better now? You may think that, but even if you buy a 4K monitor, the dot-by-dot text is too small to see, so you end up scaling it anyway. In that case, WQHD is fine from the beginning. Less machine load! and generally opted for the minor WQHD monitor.

This is the correct answer. The 23.8-inch is the perfect size to put on a not-so-wide desk, and the WQHD resolution gives you plenty of room to use your desktop, such as arranging two browsers side by side, writing text while looking at materials, or replying to emails. I can use it.

If you want to procure a work monitor at a low cost, 24 inch (23.8 type) WQHD. It's a highly recommended option. (Kogure Hisanori)

A place to put your MacBook

My desk has been refreshed!

I'm glad that the WQHD monitor has expanded my desktop and made it easier to see, but I don't have a place to put my MacBook Pro on my desk... Do you want to use multiple displays? I also thought about it, but it's a small desk, so if you line it up, it's already tight. On the contrary, it's hard to use! So I introduced a laptop stand.

It's a simple stand where you can put your MacBook in the slit, but it has a solid weight and is stable. It has an arched shape, so even if you place it with the heat outlet facing down, the heat will escape properly. Above all, the desk is refreshing and the workability has improved.

[Also recommended] Twelve South BookArc for MacBook | Space-saving vertical stand for Apple notebook Space Gray

6,800 yen

The model I bought was no longer available on Amazon, but if you look for something similar in design and performance, you'll find it quite often, so if you want to operate your laptop in clamshell mode, this is the one. Stand recommended! (Kogure Hisanori)

JBL Live Pro+ TWS

The shared office at home was too small...

Ever since I started working as a writer, my workplace has always been my home, so I think I have a long history with Rimowa. Until now, I was able to lead a comfortable RIMOWA life as long as I had a laptop and an internet connection, but due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, my family started RIMOWA together, and I was in a pinch. My husband is having a meeting, and my children are playing games while screaming.

I've purchased 3 earbuds and 2 headphones over the last 2 years to help me find my own silence. Among them, JBL's LIVE PRO + hybrid noise canceling complete wireless earphones were the big big big answer for me personally. This is a rose gold color exclusive to the JBL official store. It's important to see.

By simply tapping the stem, you can adjust the noise canceling level and play/pause music, so you can leave it on. Despite the fit that is OK even if you leave it on, it has an excellent hold and does not wobble or come off. The battery lasts a long time, it's compact and light so you can take it anywhere, and it delivers heart-wrenching bass.

JBL LIVE PRO+ is a must-have item for Rimowa, and at the same time, an item that will boost your quality of life. Without this, I would no longer be. (Chitra Yamada)

BOOST↑CHARGE™ PRO MagSafe 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger

Want to avoid the hassle of plugging in a charging cable for each device? Want to use your iPhone's MagSafe charger? I purchased a Belkin 3-in-1 wireless charger from.

After using it for about a year, I found that there are surprisingly many situations where I charge three devices at the same time, such as an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. (Once you get used to this, you really won't be able to go back).

Very active in remote work Gadgets 2021ver. | Gizmodo Japan facebook Twitter Youtube RSS Facebook Twitter YouTube GIZMODO FUZE

I have never been particularly dissatisfied with the charging speed of each device, but the Apple Watch does not support the Series 7 quick charging, so please be careful if you are considering purchasing it. (Mr. Harai)

Airex balance pad

Airex balance pad is also used for rehabilitation.

I usually use it when I work on my computer while standing on the kitchen counter (instead of a standing desk), and while standing on it, I feel like I'm in a zero-gravity space, and my back pain is much easier. !

Until now, I didn't think anything about standing on the ground, but it's the same as putting a cushion on a chair, and it feels completely different. It's comfortable to stand on and has a low-resilience softness and hardness, so it's comfortable and easy to use. By the way, my 91-year-old grandmother, who usually uses a cane, tried it while standing while we watched her.

Even if you don't have a standing desk, standing work (such as cooking or washing dishes) should be a little more comfortable. It feels great to bend forward while sitting on it, as your back naturally stretches straight. (Rina Fukazu)

AIREX Balance-Pad ELITE [Japanese regular import goods] / AIREX Balance-Pad ELITE [Stone Gray] - Trunk/core/balance training

11,700 yen

Sanwa Supply's 10-keyless thin keyboard + Elecom's gaming mouse

The desk is not small, but the smaller the movable area of ​​the hand, the more efficient typing is possible, and the right hand can be used as a mouse immediately. To be able to move, I use the 10-keyless thin keyboard "SKB-SL32BK" produced by Sanwa Supply.

Sanwa Supply USB slim keyboard SKB-SL32BK

2,500 yen

At first, Elecom's keyboard was a replacement for repeated mysterious malfunctions even after buying a new one, but now I'm calm with this. It is convenient to put rubber cushions on frequently used keys so that you can press them without looking.

And what is more important and absolutely necessary than the keyboard is Elecom's gaming mouse "M-DUX30BK".

Elecom gaming mouse [DUX] wired 10 buttons 2400dpi hardware macro compatible M-DUX30BK

2,948 yen

Each button has shortcuts such as delete, backspace, enter, undo, copy, and paste only values, which are useful for writing and designing as a profession. I've been using it for years, so I can already remember the placement on my fingers. It's originally for Windows, but the mouse itself remembers the settings, so there's a trick that you can actually use it on a Mac, and I'm indebted to it every day. (Gensuke Okamoto)

elgato Ring Light

Since I have more opportunities to review and shoot videos, I decided to purchase the slightly more expensive elgato ring light "Ring Light".

Up until now, you've been using battery-powered square LED lights for lighting during your shoots, haven't you? However, I wasn't very satisfied with the lighting, and the shadows were unnatural.

Therefore, I was surprised when I took the plunge and introduced Ring Light! The subject is enveloped in soft light, making it easy to create a professional-looking studio shot!

The above photo was taken with Ring Light and iPhone 13 Pro Max portrait mode, but I personally think the quality is good enough.

Actually, until now, I didn't really trust the item called the ring light. Does it look cheap? Or isn't it for makeup? friend…. However, a full-fledged ring light is perfect for taking pictures and shooting movies. Recommended! (Naoki Tsukamoto)

HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S

Maybe it's the decline that comes with age, but I've been making more and more typos, so I jumped off the Kiyomizu stage about three times and bought it, a famous high-end keyboard. "HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S".

At first, I felt uncomfortable with the deep keystrokes, but now I like it so much that my fingers refuse to hit keyboards other than "HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S". So wherever you go, you're with me. Even when I work at a café for an hour, I bring my iPad mini 6 and HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S as a set. (Machiko Nakagawa)

HHKB Professional HYBRID Type-S Japanese layout/white

35,200 yen

Logitech ERGO M575 Wireless Trackball

"Logitech ERGO M575 Wireless Trackball" I got when I bought a new mouse. I've had tendonitis, so I was interested in a trackball mouse that seems to be less prone to tendonitis. However, I thought it would be difficult to use.

It did take me a couple of weeks to get used to it, but now it feels like it's part of my arm.

When I'm concentrating too much, my arms get tense, and sometimes the mouse points in a strange direction. is the goal. (Machiko Nakagawa)

Logitech wireless mouse trackball wireless M575GR Bluetooth Unifying 5 button trackball mouse wireless mouse windows mac iPad M575 battery life up to 24 months graphite domestic genuine

7,268 yen

Dell 27" Monitor

Because I was obsessed with keeping my desk clean, I used to work exclusively with my MacBook Air. However, I was advised that a monitor is essential if I want to improve my work efficiency, so I finally bought a Dell 27-inch monitor.

The higher the line of sight, the better the posture, and the large display is easy on the eyes. I usually use my MacBook Air as a clamshell, but when I participate in online meetings or webinars, I display the meeting screen on the MacBook Air and display the document app and materials on the Dell monitor. Having more screens is really nice. (Machiko Nakagawa)

Barista Simple

I'm a coffee person. When he lived in India, the hardest thing for him was that he could not drink good coffee because he only had sweet milk tea chai.

When I was going to the office, there was a Nescafe Ambassador Program machine, so I used to go there and drink coffee all the time... I don't think I can go back to those days, so I bought myself a simple model. I messed up. We live in an era when you can drink delicious coffee at convenience stores, but with the cost performance of being able to drink several cups every day, even if you don't go out, you can put it next to your desk and pull the lever, and you can take a break with a freshly brewed coffee with a good aroma. is essential.

In the summer, I was given a bottled coffee cooler for regular users, and I loved iced coffee. With a barista in the winter and a coffee cooler in the summer, I wonder if next year the seasons will change while staying at home. (Shingo Yuki)

Nestle Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Simple Pure White NESCAFE GOLDBLEND BARISTA HPM9636-PW

8,943 yen

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